Sometimes its a good idea for your jewellery to make the statement and do the talking.

I do not usually look to the highstreet for inspiration in my unique jewellery designs but I must admit I do love the bright and bold colours that are in fashion at the moment.

Just because I have chosen to create these bright and bold colours for these statement jewellery designs does not mean that they can not be unique and original.

Wearing unique jewellery and accessories is the easiest way to make a high street dress something that is original to yourself.

By adding new pieces of handcrafted jewellery to clothes that have been hung in your wardrobe for a while can bring them back to life.

Hot pink and blue are very in vogue at the moment so among my jewellery designs that have been handcrafted in these colours I have just added this pair of earrings.

At the base of these handmade earrings sits a chunky roundel of the sparkly Blue Goldstone and I have topped this semi-precious stone with two hot pink coloured Agate beads.

With this earring design I have used Sterling Silver beads and earring hooks.

These are some of the fashion pieces that I found in the colours of blue and pink.

I love the shoes!!!!

Black and orange certainly makes a statement and these necklaces with the matching earrings certainly do that.

This is a colour combination that is very popular at the moment but I hope that they do not look to Halloween.

There are very few semi-precious stones naturally bright orange but these semi-precious bright orange Coral beads are perfect and in these designs I have combined them with the highly polished semi-precious Black Onyx.

The statement necklace with the large rice shaped beads is a unique one of a kind handcrafted jewellery design and I have just made one of these.

In the other semi-precious necklace I have used long teardrop Black Onyx beads with the orange coral beads.

The black and orange handcrafted earrings are bold and simple and will compliment both of these necklace designs or they will just look great on their own

This collection of clothes and accessories in Black and Orange are all bold and beautiful and who would have thought that we would have been wearing such bright colours.

Making A Statement with jewellery, clothes and accessories is certainly the way to go at the moment.

I do like the bright colours but you do not have to go with these to make your own personal statement, if you want to make a simpler statement with your jewellery you can chose pieces that have been handmade from softer coloured semi-precious stones.

We are all unique and individual so make that statement about who YOU are


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