Sometimes its Mother Nature that inspires my unique handmade jewellery designs


As the nights start to draw in and we enter autumn Mother nature starts to change the colours of our world and to me this is when we see some of the most stunning natural colours and these golds, ambers, oranges and browns that can be seen inspire me to create some of my semi-precious jewellery designs.

Here are two of the pieces that I have handmade from the semi-precious stone Carnelian and Smoky Quartz.

The semi-precious stone earrings are a simple design that show off the stunning colours of these semi-precious stones.

At the base of the earrings I have placed a faceted nugget of Smoky Quartz and this has been set under round faceted beads of the semi-precious stone Carnelian and with this earring design I have used Sterling Silver earring hooks and beads.

This pair of semi-precious earrings have been made from faceted beads so the light catches them beautifully.

You can see with the colours in this leaf why I love autumn and the wonder of Mother Nature

In this beautiful semi-precious stone  necklace design I have used both smoky Quartz and Golden Smoky Quartz and they look stunning placed together.

I have created a pendant for this handmade jewellery design my placing centre drilled nuggets of the semi-precious Golden Smoky Quartz and these have been threaded onto Sterling Silver wire and spaced with Sterling Silver beads.

The semi-precious pendant hangs from a unique handmade necklace crafted from nuggets of Smoky Quartz and Carnelian.

I have added the golden orange of the Carnelian to this design to compliment the brown and gold of the Smoky Quartz and they look beautiful together.

These pieces of semi-precious handmade jewellery are a tribute to Mother Nature.

You are able to source the beautiful semi-precious stone Carnelian from most parts of the world and the natural colour goes from milky cream through golden yellow to a rich orange/brown colour.

It is a translucent stone so you may see some inclusions in the beads and pendants

This semi-precious stone  takes its name from the Latin word that means flesh coloured.

Semi-precious Carnelian is said to increase your ambition drive and confidence and because of these qualities it is often placed on the Sacral Chakra.

It is believed that by wearing this stone it will protect the wearer from all negative emotions therefore increasing confidence.

It will calm anger and all jealous emotions which are all negative.

By keeping this semi-precious stone close it will bring warmth of spirit , creativity, happiness and sociability and restore your self-esteem.

This is one of the natural semi-precious stones that is said to increase fertility.

Keep this stone in your home as it will invoke protection and bring an abundance into your home.

Carnelian is the semi-precious stone is the birthstone for Virgo and July

All Quartz has a strong generic healing properties but in addition to this semi-precious Smoky Quartz is the perfect natural stone to aid grounding.

It is a gentle stone that will neutralize negative vibrations and will detoxify on many levels.

Smoky Quartz will disper fear and will lift depression and negativity.

This lovely brown semi-precious stone promotes positive thoughts and actions  and it has even been known to take away suicidal tendencies.

Smoky Quartz will dispel nightmares and will help to manifest your dreams.

This Quartz helps with your concentration and will assist with any problems you may have with communication.

Semi-precious Smoky Quartz helps with medical problems and will dissolve cramps , back pain, and aids the reproductive system, the heart, muscles and the heart.

So as well as their stunning aesthetic qualities you can see why I like to include these beautiful semi-precious stones in my collection of unique handmade statement jewellery



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