The party season will soon be among us so what sort of statement will your jewellery make.


It is getting to that time of the year when we are starting to think about Christmas, Oh!  have I really said the “C” word, but it will be here soon, the time of festivities and parties when we want to dress up and look our best.

Sometimes with the pressure that this time of the year brings with all the shopping, gift buying and preparing we forget about ourselves till the last minute.

I am sure that we all have something in the wardrobe that has only seen the light of day ounce and is feeling unloved and rejected.

Why not take a look through your wardrobe and find those forgotten pieces.

By adding large pieces of statement jewellery you are able to transform an outfit and make it completely different, unique and totally up to date.

This black statement necklace will transform any outfit with its large faceted semi-precious Rainbow Obsidian pendants. These pendants have been faceted so they will catch the light perfectly. Between these faceted pendants I have placed deep purple coloured nuggets of semi-precious Amethyst.

The unique necklace of Obsidian continues with alternating faceted semi-precious Black Onyx beads and deep purple Agate beads.

This unique and original statement necklace finishes with more of the deep purple coloured Agate beads and the necklace fastens with a Sterling Silver toggle clasp.

Black and purple are very on trend but this is a necklace that is not going to date and a piece that is going to be able to be brought out for many occasions and the fact that this piece is going to catch the light it will add a little bit of sparkle to your night.

This is a statement necklace in classic black and purple.

Black is always popular as it is classic and compliments many outfits but I also like to work with colour and sometimes mix colours and semi-precious stones together that you would not automatically think would work together and this is what I have done with this unique semi-precious necklace.

The colours in the handmade necklace design are lilac, purple and green and I have r created this colour combination by using lilac coloured semi-precious Amethyst, deep purple Amethyst and a beautiful rich green coloured Agate.

in this unique jewellery design you will see faceted deep purple coloured nuggets of Amethyst and long rice shaped beads of lilac Amethyst. these long rice shaped beads have also been faceted so they catch the light.

These lilac and purple coloured semi-precious stones have been set between green coloured Agate beads.

to compliment these natural colours I have spaced these beads with small freshwater pearls in a rich blackberry colour.

The colours work beautifully in this design and I am pleased how it has turned out as sometimes the vision that you have in your head is not how it turns out.

Both of these designs are unique with only one being made of each design.

i have used the semi-precious stone Amethyst in both of these necklace designs and Amethyst is the birthstone of anyone that has a birthday in February.

In ancient times the semi-precious stone Amethyst was closely connected with hebrew religion as the symbol of the spirit of God.

The jewish high priest had a breastplate and on this were set 12 different semi-precious stones and which is the basis we use for todays birthstones. At the centre of these birthstones sat and Amethyst which is said gave him the ability to have his spiritual visions

More recently sometime during the Renaissance the meaning of this purple semi-precious stone has changed again and has become to be known to represent humility and modesty.




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