So What makes a piece of semi-precious jewellery a statement piece?


When people ask what kind I jewellery I make i tell them that it is semi-precious jewellery with a statement?

So what is it that I mean by this?

Is a statement something of a personal secret that only the wearer knows, I am not sure if that is the case or you would be making this statement to only yourself.

This word is being used such a lot at the moment in the fashion world and I am not sure if it is being used in the correct way.

By wearings a “statement “ piece that is big bright and bold are you saying something like “hello look at me I am here” have you chosen a unique pieces of handmade semi-precious jewellery and you're saying I am unique and original with my own individual likes and tastes and I am not bothered what the world thinks about me. i am who I am and proud of it.

This is a beautiful necklace that I have handmade from a combination of freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones. I have used an eclectic mix of stones and pearls to create this necklace that is far from the traditional design. Unique and timeless, handmade statement jewellery


I will refer to my semi-precious jewellery designs as statement pieces all the time so it has made me think deeply about what I mean by this and what makes my handmade jewellery a statement piece.

I think that a pieces of handmade statement jewellery has to be interesting and a little bit different and it definitely has to be eye catching, and you must but pieces that reflect your personality or if it is a gift the person that you are buying it for.

My individually designed handcrafted jewellery can sometimes be quite bold and they are definitely unique and original and a little bit different from what is out there. They do not have to be large and oversized or brightly coloured to be a piece of statement jewellery.

Your jewellery is usually the first thing that someone sees about you and your outfit and i know that many of my customers wear their jewellery as a signature, this could be a pair of long statement earrings, a big and bold bracelet or a delicate semi-precious jewellery necklace and as I have come to know my customers I sometimes know who has ordered a piece before i see the order form.

So what is your signature, which piece of my handmade jewellery would you say describes you and your unique personality.

I think that this bright and bold bracelet would be called by anyone a statement jewellery design. i love this piece as Amethyst is one of my favourite semi-precious stones and these nuggets of semi-precious Amethyst are a deep purple colour and faceted so they catch the light. Each one of these Amethyst nuggets are a slightly different shape. I have set these semi-precious Amethyst nuggets between large roundels of Coral in a bright orange colour and each of these have been spaced with sterling silver beads. With this handmade semi-precious jewellery bracelet design I have used an extending sterling silver toggle clasp so the bracelet can be worn at any length. This design shows that semi-precious stones do not have to be boring.


For me personally as a designer I would say that all my statement pieces are accessories and this is not just statement jewellery but I also use other accessories like handbags, scarves, all my statement pieces are designs that make me feel confident and all of them are unique and i hope show the world the person that I am.

I sometimes wonder are my semi-precious statement jewellery designs pieces of inner thought or an overt statement that i want to portray to the rest of the world?

I think that a true statement piece has both of these elements in the design. My philosophy is that unique and unusual style and design is about creating something that shows something about the way you feel and about the way that you look. It will connect with your inner thought and feeling and tell the rest of the world where you are. Statement jewellery is like the headlines to your story

These handmade jewellery earrings are stunning, unique in the fact that I have only made one of this design and the combination of the sparkly Blue Goldstone topped with the hot pink colour of the hot pink Agate. I have used long sterling Silver earring hooks with this semi-precious jewellery design which means that the semi-precious stones are worn low and can be clearly seen. i not only like to match bold colours in my designs but also shapes so the large cube shaped Blue Goldstone beads look amazing with the round beads of the hot pink coloured Agate.

I believe that a piece of statement jewellery should speak and mean something as much to the person that is wearing it as well as the person that sees it.When you choose a statement piece for yourself choose designs that apeal to yourself never buy a design because you think that someone else will like it and never be put off from buying a piece because you think that it wil not be liked by someone else.

You are unique and individual and none of us have the same tastes, so be true to yourself when you are choosing one of my pieces of handmade semi-precious jewellery, let your choice reflect your personality being unique is a statement.

Don’t forget if you are to see your statement piece being worn on someone else then it is not much of a reflection of your uniqueness and most of my semi-precious jewellery designs are unique one of a kind designs and everything else is a limited edition design with usually no more that 5 pieces being handmade of any one design so the likelihood of anyone else being seen in your statement pieces is negative.

This semi-precious jewellery necklace handmade from fluorite shows that jewellery does not have to be big and bold to make a statement. To create this necklace I have set nuggets of semi-precious Fluorite between sterling silver tubes. I have used S shaped sterling silver beads between the semi-precious Fluorite to add movement to the design. This is a unique piece and I would wear something like this when i was feeling feminine and girlie and wanted to make the statement that it is sometimes OK to show my girlie side.

Buy purchasing a piece of handmade jewellery from Making A Statement Jewellery you are making your own personal statement that you are unique and original and want the whole world to know that.  







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