Statement earrings just added to my collection of semi-precious handmade jewellery UK crafted.


These are the latest two pairs of semi-precious earrings that I have just added to my collection of handmade jewellery. these are just two of very many pairs of statement earrings, semi-precious jewellery that has been handcrafted in the UK.

The first of these two pairs of semi-precious earrings just added are these lovely blue Goldstone and Amethyst. I love this combination f natural stones together as the navy blue of the Blue Goldstone and the purple of the amethyst always look great together and I like to mix some polished semi-precious stones along side with faceted and nuggets and you can see this in this handmade jewellery design.  With these earrings I have spaced the beads with Sterling Silver beads and used Sterling Silver earring hooks.

Earrings are the most popular of my unusual handcrafted jewellery designs and I would say that the majority of women have their ears pierced.

The history of wearing earrings goes back centuries and as now it is largely .women that can be seen wearing them this piece of jewellery could be firstly seen worn by men.

The origins of the wearing of earrings can first be traced back to the Middle East, the most common of the earring design was the hoop and also the more elaborate of the two the pendant earring.

The wearing of different types of earrings were a way that the wearer could show the tribal, religious or the political identity of the wearer.this type of handmade jewellery could identify  their social status within society and were seen as a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

We can see images of sailors of hundreds of years ago wearing earrings and this was to symbolise that they had been around the world and that they had crossed the equator.Sailors often wore a precious metal gold earring so that it could be used as payment for their funeral. A sort of medieval insurance policy.

The second pair of earrings that I have added are a long semi-precious earring design and these have been handmade from a combination of semi-precious Black Onyx and semi-precious Red Aventurine and these come together to create these long black and orange statement earrings. I have mentioned before that this semi-precious stone is called Red Aventurine but it is actually burnt orange in colour and is a great semi-precious stone to use at the moment with the fashion for orange and black and always stunning together.

This piece of handmade jewellery has been worn for many reasons over the years but today today earrings are worn for pleasure and adornment.

I know many women who feel undressed if they are not wearing a pair of earrings and you are able to purchase earrings anywhere now even from the supermarket.

My collection of handmade semi-precious earrings are only available from Making A Statement Jewellery and most of them are unique one of a kind handmade jewelelry designs so you are not going to see anyone else wearing the same design and the other desigsn are limited edition designs with as low as two pieces being created from the designs.

they have been crafted from semi-precious stones, crystals and freshwater pearls and I have uses Sterling Silver beads and earrings hooks and 24kt Gold vermeil with my designs and all are at very affordable prices.  


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