Unique statement jewellery designs handcrafted from semi-precious Jasper


Jasper is one of the stones that I love to work with and many of my unique handmade jewellery designs can be seen crafted from this semi-precious stone there are so many varieties of this semi-precious stone and the range of colours is stunning.

Jasper is the stone of protection and it will protect you against all negative energies

These are a pair of unique handmade jewellery earrings that I have created from Jasper and semi-precious Black Onyx.

I have used this lovely veined Jasper and have chosen large teardrop shaped beads. I love how each of the beads are slightly different in design. To highlight the natural black markings in the Jasper beads I have set them under Black Onyx beads. These are a unique jewellery design with only one pair being made of this design and these are an unusual statement jewellery design that is going to get you noticed.

Semi-precious Jasper was used by ancient shamans as a protective stone and used when astral travelling. You can see examples of where this stone was set into the breastplate of armour to keep the wearer safe.

The Jasper that I have used in this unique jewellery design is a wood Jasper and as the name says it does look like wood but it is beautifully smooth polished and does add that certain uniqueness with this unusual jewellery necklace design.

I have combined this semi-precious stone with jade and the combination of this semi-precious wood Jasper and russian Jade are perfect creating a unique semi-precious necklace with a statement.

I usually use sterling Silver in my handcrafted statement jewellery designs but with this piece I have chosen to used a bronze toggle clasp as the fastener to compliment the natural colours of the semi-precious stones.

As I said there are many different type of Jasper and one of my favourite types of Jasper is Picasso Jasper and it is just as it says in the name every stone bead and pendant is like a picture and I like to create unique handmade jewellery designs with a large pendant of this semi-precious Jasper as the focal point just because of this.

These unique drop semi-precious jasper jewellery earrings have been handcrafted from semi-precious Picasso Jasper and these large oval beads are stunning. All I have done with this handmade jewellery design is frame the Picasso Jasper beads with Sterling Silver beads and added Sterling Silver earring hooks. I did not want to detract from the natural beauty of the stones.

Picasso Jasper has very strong metaphysical properties and the message from this semi-precious stone is to celebrate life. It is said that this stone will help forge lasting relationships and help restore relationships that have been lost.

This Jasper was named after the artist picasso himself and the greatest achievement of this artist is that he broke all the rules and created artwork that is unique and original. By choosing to wear unique statement jewellery as opposed to mass produced highstreet pieces you are showing that you are stone and original and nearly all my semi-precious jewellery designs are unique in design.

With this unique jewellery bracelet I have placed a large oval shaped Jasper frame bead in the centre of the design and in the centre of this frame bead sits a semi-precious Jasper bead. I have said that I love to work with this lovely natural stone as it works so well with other stones and with this unusual statement jewellery bracelet I have added some large round wavy discs of Tigers Eye and the deep golden brown of the Tigers Eye compliments this wood jasper perfectly. This handmade jewellery bracelet is a stretch design where I have added the semi-precious beads to a strong elastic so it is a comfortable piece of jewellery to wear and it will fit most wrist sizes.

Landscape Jasper is one of the other types of this semi-precious stone that I use in my unique statement jewellery designs and this known as the nurturer and makes you realise that we are here to bring joy and happiness to others and that is not a bad thing.  It protects us against negativity and stimulates creativity.

Along with all its positive properties if you believe or not it can not be denied that this stone is a stunning addition to pieces of unique semi-precious jewellery.

I love this handmade statement jewellery necklace unique in design. This pieces of unique jewellery has been handcrafted from large round and oval wavy shaped Jasper bead.

I have used two different types of Jasper with this unusual handmade jewellery design with a statement. These natural stones have natural purple colours and to compliment these I have spaced the semi-precious beads with freshwater pearls and to compliment the soft rich cream colour in the natural Jasper stones I have used teardrop shaped shell beads at the finish of this statement necklace jewellery design and this is a perfect example of how using a mix of different natural stones can create a unique and unusual semi-precious jewellery design.

The name Jasper comes from the greek word “japis” and it was a much revered stone in the ancient world and examples of this stone being used in decorative ornaments and handmade jewellery designs can be found throughout history.

I am constantly looking for new Jaspers to use in my statement jewellery creations and I hope that you will keep calling back to see what new design I have in stock.

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