Black, White and red Semi-precious jewellery earrings and necklaces, handmade jewellery with a statement in unique designs.

These unusual jewellery designs have been handmade from semi-precious White Howlite. Black Onyx, Black Agate and bright Red Coral creating a collection jewellery with a statement that is unique and original in design.

This pair of  semi-precious stone earrings is simple in design and at the base of this semi-precious jewellery design sits a 12mm round cracked Black Agate bead and on the top of this I have sat a round faceted bead of Rock Crystal. These two semi-precious stones are going to reflect the light beautifully and and I have used these unusual curved Sterling Silver earring hooks with this handmade jewellery design.

If you are wanting to make a statement then the best way to do this is with a piece of jewellery and necklaces and earrings are probably the best way to do this.

If you are sat having a conversation with someone it is not that pair of expensive shoes that anyone is going to see, they will be looking at you so it is your jewellery that will be making the statement and the piece of jewellery that you choose says a lots about you, your style, your personality and your mood.

This is a statement jewellery necklace that has again be handmade from the semi-precious stones cracked Black Agate and White Howlite but in this design I have also added Black Onyx and discs of bright Red Coral.

In this UK jewellery handmade necklace design I have used large chunky beads of semi-precious Black Onyx and these have been set between cracked Black Agate and White Howlite beads. to add some drama to this handmade jewellery design I have spaced these semi-precious beads with small discs of bright Red Coral.

The white Howlite with its natural grey coloured markings and the cracked Agate beads work beautifully together and compliment each other perfectly and the design of these beads are enhanced with the red of the coral discs.

Handmade jewellery is a very personal choice and we all have a collection of jewellery that we have been given as gifts, passed on to us as heirlooms and these pieces we treasure but may not wear a lot. It is time to start and have some fun with your jewellery to have pieces that make you smile, that make you feel confidant.

These semi-precious jewellery earrings will compliment the previous necklace perfectly or they will look great on their own.

These are a medium drop design so they will not detract from a necklace design if you are going to team them up with a necklace but on the other hand they are long enough to make a statement.

This pair of semi-precious jewellery earrings are going to look great dressed up or worn casually and worn with either black or white outfits


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