Unusual pieces of semi-precious jewellery that make a statement handcrafted from bright and bold coloured natural stones


When you are choosing your statement jewellery remember that the piece that you choose has to work with the outfit that you are wearing or it is not going to work at all. Don’t ley your semi-precious jewellery be an after thought or it is not going to work, your jewellery choice has to be a major part of the plan.

If you are not careful it will look as if it has all be thrown together at the last moment and it will distract from the finished look that you are trying to achieve. You do not have to spend hours making that choice of jewellery for your outfit but take that extra little bit of time to make sure you have made the right choice because statement jewellery needs to make the right statement.

These earrings are orange and purple in colour and have been handmade from orange chunky orange coloured Coral roundels and under these orange coral beads I have placed nuggets of deep purple coloured purple Amethyst beads. These semi-precious jewellery earrings show you that semi-precious jewellery does not have to be boring or dull with the lovely bright and bold colours. These semi-precious earrings will certainly make a statement and I have other handmade jewellery designs where I have used this same combination of semi-precious stones.

A piece of statement jewellery is usually bright and bold and handmade from eye catching colours and these pieces are a perfect way for you to dress up a dull outfit and they can also add drama to that dress that has been sat in the back of the wardrobe. It does not have to be a formal outfit that will benefit from a statement semi-precious jewellery design but that comfy pair of jeans and a T.Shirt can be jazzed up with a splash of bright colour.

I love to add bright colours with black as they are more dramatic and this can be a pair of earrings, a chunky bracelet or a necklace design. I have many pieces of unique statement jewellery where I have combined brightly coloured semi-precious stones with semi-precious Black Onyx.

This is one of the handcrafted jewellery designs that I have created by combining a brightly coloured semi-precious stone with semi-precious Black Onyx. This unique necklace has a large round bead of black Rainbow Obsidian as the focal point for the design and this has been framed with round Black Onyx beads and then long rice shaped beads of Rainbow Obsidian. The semi-precious statement necklace continues with long bright green coloured Agate beads and alternating semi-precious Black Onyx beads. I love this design its big and chunky and bright and it would look amazing worn with a black dress or jumper. I think that it would be to much to wear earrings with this necklace but some bright green and black bracelets would certainly look amazing with this piece of handmade jewellery

When it comes to choosing statement jewellery it is just as easy to over do it as it is to under do it. It is too obvious to say that it is all about making a statement but that has to be the right statement so do not be afraid to go all the way and have a go. When you are wearing your statement piece it needs accenting pieces and this does not have to be another piece of statement jewellery it could be with your makeup, a piece of clothing or even with a different way to wear your hair. Always have a look in the mirror when you have completed your ensemble and ask yourself if you need to add some more and also if you need to remove a piece. When trying to make a statement do not be afraid to experiment with different semi-precious jewellery pieces and if you feel that you have overdone it you can always remove a piece.

I love carnelian well I love most semi-precious stones and this unique necklace jewellery design is one of my favourites. I like the large chunky beads in this stunning golden orange semi-precious stone and I have combined the semi-precious Carnelian with faceted pendants of Rainbow Obsidian. The colour combinations of these two semi-precious stones are stunning and I like to wear Carnelian next to the skin as it warms up as you wear it. I do have earrings and some bracelets that will compliment this statement jewellery design and this semi-precious jewellery necklace is a unique one of a kind design with only one piece being made.

As I am always saying statement jewellery is about making a statement and what the statement is is for you to choose and is up to you. When I am creating my unique semi-precious jewellery designs I set my semi-precious stones out on a mat and let them speak to me. I know that may seem strange but I like to choose pieces that I could see myself wearing and loving. I like large chunky shapes and love to play with colours and shapes and I hope that I create unique jewellery designs that other people will love and treasure for many years, unusual semi-precious jewellery designs that people will love and treasure. If you do not see anything in my collection that you are looking for then all you have to do is contact me letting me know what you are looking for and I will do my best to create for you your very own individually crafted piece of unique statement jewellery

This semi-precious jewellery bracelet has been handcrafted from Black Onyx beads that have been set with the magical Opal Quartz. The Opal Quartz is beautiful and it almost glows in both natural light and under candle light and bulbs. Again you can see with this unique bracelet design I have used semi-precious Black Onyx to enhance the Opal Quartz. The large bead in the centre of this handmade bracelet design has been faceted so that it will react even more under the light. A stunning piece of handmade statement jewellery

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