Handmade semi-precious jewellery does not have to be boring, unusual jewellery with a statement handmade from semi-precious stones.


If think that statement jewellery handmade from semi-precious stones has to be boring then you are wrong because I have many designs where I have combined brightly coloured semi-precious stones together with an eclectic mix of pearls and crystals to create unique jewellery design.

One of the bright combinations of semi-precious stones I use in  my UK crafted statement jewellery designs are the deep purple coloured Amethyst and the bright orange coloured Coral. To create these designs I have used chunky nuggets of the deep purple coloured Amethyst and large roundels of the bright orange Coral.

You can see from these handmade jewellery designs that have been crafted from the bright coloured stones that semi-precious jewellery does not have to be boring. Here you can see the earrings, bracelets and necklaces with a statement in my collection.

Everyone is talking about statement jewellery being the latest trend but I honestly think that statement jewellery has been around for centuries. Man has always liked to adorn his self with some form of jewellery since the caveman and always to make some sort of statement. I would not say that my semi-precious jewellery is high fashion as that is not what I am trying to achieve and the statement is not a fashion statement it is about stating how unique you are and creating unique semi-precious jewellery designs that will be loved and treasured.

That does not mean to say that they are not fashionable it just means that they are different.

With this pair of earrings UK handmade, the bracelet and the necklace I have combined a bright pink Agate with deep Blue Goldstone. These are a stunning collection of stones and these semi-precious jewellery designs will get you noticed and make the statement that you are fun and not afraid to be unique

Another of my brightly coloured combinations is orange and black and yes orange and black is very fashionable at the moment but I have loved this combination for a long time and have created unique semi-precious jewellery designs from combination of black and orange semi-precious stones like bright orange coral, Red Aventurine, Black Onyx and Rainbow Obsidian. My collection of black and orange bright semi-precious statement jewellery I have many long dangling statement earring jewellery designs, semi-precious necklace jewellery and some bracelets.

With this collection of semi-precious jewellery you can see where I have used large Jasper beads and spaced these with Red Aventurine, highly polished semi-precious Black Onyx beads set with Red Aventurine in long dangling statement earring designs, and a unique semi-precious necklace handcrafted from Black Onyx set with the brightly coloured Coral

It is sometimes difficult to find brightly coloured semi-precious stones and to achieve bright and bold statement jewellery designs from semi-precious beads and pendants you sometimes have to use dyed beads and you can see in these handcrafted jewellery designs I have used bright green coloured Agate beads. Nature does not give use these stones naturally this colour so sometimes I add some of the dyed semi-precious beads to my handmade jewellery designs but I do not think that this detracts from beauty and uniqueness  of my semi-precious jewellery designs.

With these designs you can see how these lovely semi-precious green agate beads make a statement when accompanied with other semi-precious stones. You can see handmade earrings with the Agate set with Black Onyx and also necklace designs, you can also see a necklace where these bright green semi-precious stones have been set with the Black Onyx and the beautiful rich orange coloured Carnelian and I think that this combination is stunning.

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