How to wear your unique semi-precious jewellery with a statement without it looking over the top.


People are always asking me what inspires me in my semi-precious handmade jewellery designs and really I do not have an answer to that question. It depends on my mood, the weather and what I have been doing.

I would say that the most important this is the natural stones that I use to create my unique semi-precious jewellery. Because I work with natural stones each bead and pendant will be slightly different in shape, size and the shade of the colour. These means if one of my handmade jewellery designs is a limited edition design each piece will be slightly different so unique in design.

Semi-precious statement jewellery is supposed to be bold, unique and unusual sticking and unique, a piece of semi-precious jewellery that you would like to show off so it is best that you wear the piece with a simple outfit as this will showcase your unique jewellery perfectly. Try and stay away from fabrics that have a lot of pattern and too many colours if you wear a large statement necklace with a top that has a lot of detail around the necklace line the piece will be lost. The aim si for the semi-precious jewellery to be the statement not the outfit.

This turquoise semi-precious stone necklace is an example of why you need to choose a simple design when wearing your semi-precious statement jewellery. You would not want to detract from the detail in this unique jewellery design. I have handmade this statement necklace from large beads of semi-precious Turquoise and between these I have set large faceted nuggets of Smoky Quartz and smaller nuggets of semi-precious Amethyst. I have then spaced these chunky semi-precious beads with freshwater pearls and the colour of the pearls that I chose for this statement necklace jewellery design is a rich raspberry colour and this enhances the blue of the Turquoise, the brown of the Smoky Quartz and the purple of the semi-precious Amethyst.

This unique jewellery design is a short length necklace and it will look best worn with a lower neckline so that it is worn next to the skin to show the natural semi-precious stones at their best.

Statement jewellery is designed to be eye catching and attract attention  so it will draw attention so this is a tool that you can use attention to your  best bits. If you are one of those lucky ladies that has a beautiful decolletage then the perfect piece of semi-precious jewellery for you would be a collar style necklace that is big and bold as this will draw attention to your chest giving you more confidence. If you would like to draw the attention to your face and jaw line that a pair of statement earrings could be what you are looking for as a pretty necklace and jaw line can be show at its best with a pair of long dangling semi-precious earrings. If you have a great waistline that you would like to draw attention to then a long semi-precious pendant necklace with a statement is what you should choose as the pendant as a focal point for the statement jewellery design will draw attention to your waist.


This stunning statement necklace handmade from semi-precious Golden Smoky Quartz, Brown Smoky Quartz and Carnelian is a perfect handmade jewellery design that when worn would draw attention to your décolletage. This unique and unusual design has a pendant that has been crafted from nuggets of Golden Smoky Quartz and each of these faceted nuggets has been spaced with Sterling Silver beads and they are set on Sterling Silver wire. This pendant sits on a semi-precious jewellery necklace that starts with chunky nuggets of smoky quartz and finishes with the beautiful Carnelian. This UK crafted unique necklace would look stunning worn with that little black dress with a low neckline.

These long handmade statement earrings are the perfect piece of semi-precious jewellery to draw attention to your necklace line. This unusual designed handmade jewellery has a large wavy oval bead of lemon Jade and this sits under a faceted Red Tigers Eye bead and under the wavy Lemon Jade bead hangs 3 quartz beads and all these have been spaced with Sterling Silver beads. As with all all my statement earrings I have used Sterling Silver earrings hooks with the unique design. I have also hinged these earrings so there will be a lot of movement when they are worn.


If you would like to draw attention to your waistline then this long semi-precious necklace is perfect, it is not only long and chunky but it also has a large pendant at the base of the unique handmade jewellery design. Rose Quartz is the main semi-precious stone that I have used in this long pendant necklace but I have also added Quartz, Blue Goldstone, Aqua Quartz and Strawberry Quartz to this unusual statement jewellery design, and this piece has an asymmetrical design.

We wear different pieces of semi-precious jewellery in different seasons and for different occasions. We all love our summer holidays and this is when we often choose to wear brighter bolder colours and to show off more skin so it is essential that we pack the correct jewellery in our travel case.  This is when it is important to make the right choices and you want pieces that will mix and match. Designs that will work well with your day outfits and also compliment your more formal evening outfits. Long dangling statement jewellery earrings work well both in the day and the night and do not forget if you are somewhere hot you do not want handmade jewellery designs that have a lot of metal. Holidays are when you take most of your photos so dont forget to pack your favourite pieces.

We all have a collection of clothes in our wardrobe that is in need of a make-over and we can soon transform a a dated dress or a dull jumper with a couple of pieces of well chosen unique statement jewellery and this can be done without having to go out and break the bank. That V necklace dress that you have not worn in a long time can be brought back to life with a chunky collar statement necklace in bright colours. What about that cowl neck jumper that is at the bottom of your draw, bring it back to life with some dangling semi-precious jewellery earrings or that plain coloured blouse that you thought you would never wear again will look completely different when you add some chunky bright coloured semi-precious statement bracelets.

Don’t forget that when you are wearing your unique statement jewellery wear it with confidence. By choosing the right designs for yourself these pieces will give you confidence so wear them with your head held high and mostly be bold, be unique, be yourself.




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