Turquoise statement jewellery created into unique designs and the meaning of this beautiful semi-precious stone.


Some of my Turquoise semi-precious jewellery designs that have been created from this beautiful natural stone, statement unique jewellery handmade in the UK

I love Turquoise not just the semi-precious stone that I love to use to create my unique statement jewellery designs but also so the colour turquoise and the way it is used in other fashion accessories other than jewellery. I believe that is good to have the colour turquoise around you.

This is one of my unique semi-precious jewellery designs that I have created from the stunning natural stone Turquoise and I have added semi-precious stone Amethyst to the handmade statement jewellery design. The blue of the Turquoise and the purple of the Amethyst work beautifully together and to enhance the natural colour of these semi-precious stones I have spaced these two semi-precious stones with freshwater pearls and these are in a rich Raspberry colour, I add freshwater pearls to many of my handmade statement jewellery designs.

The meaning of the colour turquoise is said to open the lines of communication and will aid with clarity of thought. This is a friendly and colour and helps you to enjoy life.

If you read up about colour psychology it says that turquoise opens the lines of communication between the heart and the spoken word and it will heal and control emotions creating a stability.During this process it may appear that you are on a roller coaster with many ups and downs until everything balances itself out.

This is one of my favourite statement jewellery designs handmade from this lovely semi-precious stone and with this unusual semi-precious jewellery necklace design I have used a large free-form pendant and I have placed this on a necklace of large chunky semi-precious beads and each of these have been spaced with semi-precious Carnelian beads. I like to mix up the semi-precious stones in my jewellery with a statement and these two semi-precious stones work beautifully together,

Turquoise is available in many shades of blue and green and this is why it is an ideal stone to use in handmade jewellery designs.

This stone had a combination of blue with a small amount of yellow, it will radiate peace tranquillity calm, blue is said to be balance, green is the colour of growth and yellow is an uplifting colour.


Here you can see that Turquoise is not only used in statement jewellery designs but used in the fashion world to create clothes and accessories and it is a colour that is a favourite of many people.

There are many reasons why this colour is popular as it will recharge the spirits during the time of any tiredness or mental stress and it will help to alleviate the feeling that you may have of loneliness. If you focus on the colour Turquoise and this could be in a piece of semi-precious jewellery, a piece of cloth the colour on a wall it can bring you immediate calmness and gentle invigoration

It is an amazing colour to have around you especially in an emergency as it will help to make you think clearly so this is one of the reasons it is good to be wearing a piece of unique turquoise statement jewellery, It assists in the development of your management skills  

This is one of my chunky handmade statement jewellery designs and this  UK crafted semi-precious necklace jewellery design has been handmade from large chinky beads of the semi-precious Turquoise and between each of these I have placed large roundels of the brightly coloured semi-precious stone Coral. I know that I have said it before but I do live to combine brightly coloured semi-precious stones in my unusual handmade jewellery design and this Turquoise necklace is a good example of on of my brightly coloured semi-precious jewellery designs with a statement.

To wear the colour turquoise will help you with concentration and gives clarity of thought and and if you are a public speaker wearing turquoise semi-precious jewellery will help give you control over your speech and expression, if you are someone that gives speeches i have you thought about printing your speech out in Turquoise so that every time you glance down at your speach you will recive the benefits of this stunning colour.

This Turquoise semi-precious jewellery necklace is one of my longer length unique statement jewellery designs and with this handmade design I have added other semi-precious stones to the mix I have added black onyx, this se3mi-precious stone always adds drama to the design and and I always think that the black of the semi-precious Onyx makes tha blue of the turquoise look even brighter. In this statement necklace jewellery design I have also added semi-precious Jasper.


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