Carnelian a stunning semi-precious stone used to create some of my unique statement jewellery handcrafted in the UK


I use the beautiful Carnelian in many of my semi-precious jewellery design both on its own and teamed up with other natural stones to create my unique handmade jewellery that has a statement.

Carnelian is a stunning rich warm amber colours and I love to work with it in my semi-precious statement jewellery designs and along with all the other semi-precious stones that I use to create my handmade jewellery these stones have other qualities other than their aesthetic ones.

Carnelian is a semi-precious stone that can be found in many different parts of the world and it is naturally formed it the cavities of rock formations. It is mostly found in rocks that are rich in silica that solidify at the lower temperatures but this is not the only place it will form it also forms in volcanic rocks. Semi-precious Carnelian forms in cone shaped masses and nodules and will be found in colours from milky white to rich orange amber. India probably has the largest amounts of this stunning semi-precious stone and some of the oldest deposits in the world can be found mined in Bengal. Brazil also mines Carnelian and it is also mines in Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa and the United States of America.

This is one of my favourite piece of statement jewellery in my collection at the moment because of its large and chunky Carnelian beads. In the centre of the unique semi-precious necklace design I have set a large round disc of semi-precious Carnelian. I have set this semi-precious stone between large faceted stones of the shiny black coloured Rainbow Obsidian and the black of the semi-precious Rainbow Obsidian and the rich amber of the Carnelian always look stunning together. This chunky design certainly has a statement and and these highly polished stones catch the light beautifully

The name of this semi-precious stone was originally in the middle ages called Carneolus and this was taken from the Latin word that means fleshy or made from flesh. The French name this semi-precious stone Corneline and this was derived from the French word cornele which is the old French word for old cherry.

This is a handmade elasticated bracelet where I have used a collection of graduating semi-precious carnelian beads and in the centre of these I have set a large oval bead of Val Verdi Turquoise. These two semi-precious stones look stunning in this unusual statement jewellery design and to enhance the lovely natural teal green/blue colour of the large Turquoise bead I have spaced the semi-precious Carnelian beads with small glass spacer beads in a deep teal colour. This handmade semi-precious jewellery bracelet is elasticated so it will fit most wrist sizes and will create a statement when worn.

Semi-precious Carnelian is said to have many healing properties, this natural stone is a translucent micro crystalline quartz sometimes know as a chalcedony quartz. This beautiful natural stone is closely related to the stones saronite and sard. The ancient Greek and the Babylonians  had great faith in this stone and they believed that if worn on your person this stone would bring you a lot of luck. The Greeks associated this semi-precious stone with the rising sun and you can see why with its rich colours and this stone can be found in handmade jewellery designs from as early as the bronze age. The Romans believed that wearing this stone it would give them courage and power and can be found in semi-precious jewellery designs of rings and signets. In China, India, Nepal and Tibet the Buddhists wore Carnelian for protection and

you can find it set with Lapis Lazuli  and Turquoise as these semi-precious stones were said to enhance the powers of the Carnelian. maybe this is why i have been drawn to combining this semi-precious stones in my unique handcrafted on off jewellery designs.

This is one of my longer length statement jewellery designs and I have combined the semi-precious Carnelian with other semi-precious stones in brown tones. In this unique semi-precious necklace design I have also used Jasper and Tigers Eye which all work wonderfully with this stone. This long chunky semi-precious stone carnelian necklace is a unique one of a kind semi-precious jewellery design and I may use a similar collection of semi-precious stones in one of my statement jewellery designs but this design will not be repeated.

For a long time semi-precious Carnelian was considered to be a stone with a great amount of power and was worn to encourage ambition, inspiration and courage. It is said to increase your personal power and your physical energy. It is one of the semi-precious stones of action and will help with your decision making as when worn it will help with motivation and help to keep you focused. It is a semi-precious stone that will encourage your individuality and you know that here at Making A Statement Jewellery I am all for that, it increases your creativity and self realization. This beautiful semi-precious stone will help you discover hidden talents and will awaken the curiosity of those that wear this natural stone and it can also help to dispel apathy and indolence

With these two pair of semi-precious jewellery earrings you can see where I have used different shaped beads to create the statement jewellery designs and you can also see the different shades in the semi-precious Carnelian. In one pair of the handmade jewellery earrings I have used long teardrop shaped beads and these have been set under a round bead to create these long elegant statement jewellery earrings and with this unusual jewellery design they are available with Sterling Silver fittings or if you prefer 24kt Gold Vermeil earrings hooks and beads. These are a limited edition handmade jewellery design.

The other pair of semi-precious jewellery earrings have been handmade from heart shaped beads and I have used Sterling Silver beads and earring hooks with this design and these statement earrings are a unique handmade jewellery design with only one pair being made.

Along with the fact that this semi-precious stone looks stunning set in my semi-precious statement jewellery designs it is believed that Carnelian has the capability to protect the wearer from many negative energies. It will repel negative emotions such as fear, resentment, anger, jealousy. It can help to improve your mood and it is a help to those that are finding it hard to deal with depression and sorrow. This semi-precious stone will encourage lasting friendships, it will help to bring peace and serenity to a troubled soul and will help anyone that is having to deal with the fear of dying.


With these two semi-precious jewellery necklaces I have combined Carnelian with green coloured semi-precious stones to create unique statement jewellery designs.

With the pendant necklace I have set a large disc of the semi-precious stone Green Aventurine and the focal point for the unique jewellery designs and I have created a Sterling Silver bail to attach this to this handmade necklace. The pendant of Green Aventurine sits in the centre of a unique necklace that has been handmade from large round beads of a deep green coloured Agate and in these I have set large chunky teardrop shaped beads of Carnelian. The handcrafted necklace continues with the large green Agate beads and I have spaced each of these with small round faceted beads of Carnelian and this is an unique statement jewellery necklace with only one being made of this design.

In the other unique handmade jewellery necklace the focal point in a large disc of Carnelian and this is set in a necklace that has been handmade from again the large beads of green Agate, round Carnelian beads and in this unique semi-precious jewellery necklace I have placed round frosted agate beads in a brown/amber colour. These beads have an unusual texture and add something a little bit different to this unusual semi-precious statement jewellery design and again this is a one of a kind piece of unique handmade jewellery.




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