Unique handmade semi-precious jewellery design created with Smoky Quartz making a Statement


I have used the natural semi-precious stone Smoky Quartz in my handmade statement jewellery designs creating unusual and unique jewellery handcrafted here in the UK

This natural semi-precious Quartz gets its name from its smoky brown colour but it can also be found in a lighter golden quartz colour and the brown coloured Quartz ranges from a deep greyish brown colour to a deep dark brown and sometimes appearing nearly black. This stunning semi-precious stone is from a natural exposure to radiation.

With this semi-precious jewellery necklace and this pair of unique handmade statement jewellery earring design you can see here I have combined both the brown coloured Smoky Quartz and the golden coloured Smoky Quartz.  

In the centre of the necklace sits a nugget of the beautiful semi-precious golden Smoky Quartz and this nugget is faceted so that it will catch the light. This has been set between chunky nuggets of brown coloured Smoky Quartz and these have also been faceted and I have spaced these with Sterling Silver beads. This collection of semi-precious Smoky Quartz nuggets for the focal point for this unusual statement jewellery necklace design and this piece of handcrafted jewellery has been finished with faceted beads of rich chocolate coloured Jade beads. I have used a sterling silver hook and eye clasp with this handcrafted necklace design.

The earrings are a unique handmade jewellery design with only one pair being made. A nugget of the golden Smoky Quartz sits under a chocolate coloured bead and I have used Sterling Silver beads and earrings hooks with this statement jewellery design.

Smoky Quartz forms from free silicon and it is a semi-precious Quartz that can be found and mined in Switzerland, Colorado, Brazil and Australia. This semi-precious stone is also mined in Scotland and is considered Scotland's national stone.  


With these two pieces of handmade statement jewellery I have used the semi-precious stone Smoky Quartz and to enhance the natural brown of the stone i have combined it with the bright orange coloured Coral. In the centre of the necklace design sits a chunky faceted nugget of Smoky Quartz and this has been set between two large roundels of the bright orange coloured Coral spaced with Sterling Silver beads. The semi-precious jewellery design continues with long faceted rice shaped beads of the Quartz and then more of the orange coloured Coral roundels. I love these long rice shaped beads as when you look into them you can see the natural inclusions in the quartz and see how the clever Mother Nature has created this semi-precious stone. The handmade jewellery necklace with a statement continues with round chocolate coloured Jade beads. The handmade jewellery design fastens with a sterling silver toggle clasp.

The handcrafted long jewellery earrings that you see have one of the long rice shaped Smoky Quartz beads hanging under a roundel of Coral and this has been topped with a purple agate bead, and this shows how I like to try and use bright coloured semi-precious stones in my handmade jewellery designs.

Semi-precious Smoky Quartz is a macro-crystalline variety of quartz and this is why it is normal to find natural inclusions in the stone. Like all other natural quartz crystals the lovely Smoky Quartz is a silicon dioxide material. It will form in transparent hexagonal shapes. These Macroscopic crystals will be seen as horizontally hexagonal prisms that are finished with both positive and negative six sided pyramid forms.

Going back to ancient times semi-precious Smoky Quartz has been used by many cultures across the world in the use of handmade jewellery making because it is relatively easy to cut into beads and it has also been used in many other decorative ornaments.

This stone was held as being very sacred by the druids, this semi-precious stone can be found used at the top of ritual wands used by the North American Indians in their religious rituals. The ancient Chinese used semi-precious Smoky Quartz to create their handcrafted snuff boxes and there is evidence that the Romans used this stone  in carvings on their seals

You can see in these two pair of statement jewellery earrings both handmade from Smoky Quartz the shades of this semi-precious stones. In one pair of the handmade jewellery earrings I have used a chunky nugget of this semi-precious stone and the colour of these nuggets are of a darker brown and with this semi-precious jewellery design I have used long oval shaped Sterling Silver earring hooks and these have a rope effect design. With the other long statement jewellery earrings I have used the long rice shaped semi-precious beads and you can see that these are a lighter shade of brown. With this semi-precious jewellery design I have used a lovely curved designed Sterling Silver earring hook.

Semi-precious Smokey Quartz is regarded as a grounding stone that will give you protection against negative energies both physical and psychic. It can be used to help remove negative and not only remove it but to turn that negative energy into a positive one.

This semi-precious stone is considered to be the natural stone of abundance and when worn it will bring lots of luck to the wearer. If you are going through difficult times this stone will enhance your natural survival instincts and will give you more determination as it will help keep your mind forecast on your tasks and goals. It will help you achieve your personal goals and dreams


This collection of handcrafted statement jewellery that has all been made by hand here in the UK shows you how this lovely semi-precious stone can look great on its own and combined with other semi-precious stones. The semi-precious jewellery bracelet has been crafted from nuggets of Smoky Quartz in the deep brown colour and these have been alternated with large chunky roundels of bright orange coloured Coral. With this handmade jewellery design I have spaced the semi-precious beads with sterling Silver beads and I have used an extending Sterling Silver toggle clasp as a fastener so that it will fit most wrist sizes.

The first of the pictures shows and unique and unusual jewellery design that has been handmade with a long pendant and I have created this from nuggets of the golden coloured Smoky Quartz placed on Sterling Silver wire to create a pendant that forms the focal point for the semi-precious jewellery design. This pendant hangs from a unique jewellery necklace handcrafted from nuggets of deep brown Smoky Quartz and between each of these I have placed a small round faceted bead of Carnelian and this unique necklace finishes with large round beads of Carnelian and the semi-precious jewellery design fastens with a sterling silver hook and eye clasp.

The other necklace design is a limited edition piece of statement jewellery with only 5 piece being handmade and in this design I have used a combination of the golden and brown version of this natural stone and these have all been spaced with Sterling Silver beads. Just keep looking as I will be creating more statement jewellery designs handmade from Smoky Quartz combined with many other semi-precious stones.

If you choose to wear a piece of unique jewellery handmade from this semi-precious stone you will find that it is said to elevate your mood and will help to remove any emotional blockages and transform negative energies such as jealousy anger and fear into far more positive thoughts. This semi-precious stone is a great help with meditation as it greatly helps with the vibration of natural energies within your body and will create clarity of mind that will help facilitate subconscious wisdom.

It does not matter if you have any belive in any of this I just hope that you will enjoy wearing my unique semi-precious statement jewellery designs that have been created here in the UK from this stunning semi-precious stone.




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