Semi-precious Black Onyx statement jewellery handcrafted into unique necklaces, limited edition bracelets and unusual earring jewellery designs.


Black Onyx is one of the most popular stones I use in my handmade semi-precious jewellery designs, I use Black Onyx on its own and with other stones in my handcrafted statement jewellery.

As I have said semi-precious Black Onyx is one of the most popular of the natural semi-precious stones and it is also one of the most powerful of the stones. It is said that the meaning and powers of Black Onyx is that it helps with divination, strength, balance, grounding. It will help you to focus, banish any negativity, help you to gain back self confidence.

This is one of my unique semi-precious jewellery designs where I have used semi-precious Black Onyx and with piece of statement jewellery I have also used a bright green coloured Agate creating and unique and unusual piece of handmade jewellery. In the centre of this design I have placed an Art Deco style Onyx necklace and this has been placed in the centre of a  UK designed necklace that has been handmade from round semi-precious Black Onyx beads and between these I have set diamond shaped green Agate beads. Each of these semi-precious stones have been spaced with faceted black crystal beads and these just add a little bit of sparkle to this unusual pieces of statement handmade jewellery.

Semi-precious Black Onyx was one of the natural stones that the ancient Romans and Greeks held in high esteem, the name comes name comes from the Greek word Onux meaning fingernails. I am not sure why the name fingernails as it is not the first thing that would come to mind when thinking about this beautiful black semi-precious stone but the ancient Greeks and Romans believed that this stone came from the fingernails of the Goddess Venus and this is the reason that this stone was so popular. The story that is told is that one day Cupid was feeling very mischievous and decided that he would cut Venuses fingernails as she was sleeping on the beach. When he left her the fingernail clippings were scattered in the sand and this is when fate stepped in and turned them into stone as it is said that no part of a heavenly body is to perish.

This unique semi-precious onyx gemstone necklace has been handmade from Amethyst and Black Onyx. In the centre of this unique statement jewellery necklace I have placed irregularly shaped nuggets of deep purple coloured Amethyst and between each of these I have placed a freshwater pearl in a rich cranberry colour. This handcrafted semi-precious jewellery design then continues with long elegant teardrop shaped Black Onyx beads and then long rice shaped Amethyst beads and I have used faceted beads so that they catch the light. The statement jewellery design carries on with more of the semi-precious Black Onyx beads and more of the Amethyst. This Amethyst and Black Onyx necklace is a unique handmade jewellery design and only one piece has been made of this design.

Semi-precious Black Onyx is a great help in letting go and helping you to release unwanted attachments that you may have to to people and places from your past and can help with controlling bad habits and addictions. Natural semi-precious Black Onyx is believed that it will bring you rejuvenation when you are feel low of energy. it is a very powerful natural semi-precious stone and it can be used if you are having difficult times as this stone will help to ground you, it helps keep us focused on the task in hand. It is also believed to bring happiness. This stone can also be known as the sobriety stone and if used with the beautiful purple semi-precious stone Amethyst which heightens it properties it will greater aid your assistance to sobriety.


Among my collection of unusual statement jewellery designs you will find statement necklaces, statement bracelets and these are just a few of the Black Onyx statement jewellery earrings that you will find. All of these semi-precious jewellery designs have been handmade from Black Onyx and all three of these unusual handmade jewellery designs are long dangling earrings. In one of the designs I have used long teardrop shaped beads and these have been topped with a round bead. These are an elegant statement jewellery design that is never going to date. One of the other unusual handcrafted jewellery designs have been handcrafted from a chunky rice shaped semi-precious Black Onyx bead and again a classic chunky handmade jewellery design. With the other unusual jewellery earrings i have placed a round wavy disc of Black Onyx and again this is sat under a round semi-precious bead. All these semi-precious statement earrings are available with both Sterling Silver beads and earring hooks and also 24kt gold Vermeil.

Semi-precious Black Onyx helps you to gain extra emotional balance self control and strength. Wearing this stone next to you in a piece of handmade semi-precious jewellery will be be very powerful when you are in need help with a difficult task. Black Onyx will help to bring change into our lives by helping us to realize and come to terms with old beliefs that are no longer good for our well-being and help us to change these. 

These two handcrafted unique jewellery necklaces are great examples of how I have created unusual statement jewellery designs by combining the semi-precious Black Onyx with brightly coloured semi-precious stones. With one of these handmade semi-precious jewellery necklaces I have used round and chunky rice shaped Black Onyx beads and between these I have placed bright orange coloured roundels of Coral. This is a striking piece of handmade jewellery and it is a one of a kind design and you will find earrings that will compliment this piece. The other of the handcrafted semi-precious jewellery designs has been made from discs of Black Onyx and cubes of this lovely semi-precious stone and between these I have set twigs of bright Red Coral. It is not easy to find bright coloured semi-precious stones but these coral beads in these unique statement jewellery designs certainly deliver.

Wearing semi-precious Black Onyx in handmade jewellery is one of the best ways for you to access the strong powers of this natural semi-precious stone. Because Black Onyx is a great boost for anyone that need a boost in their self confidence it will help you in your career so if you have an important meeting or interview make sure that you are wearing a piece of Black Onyx semi-precious jewellery. Its energy giving strength is perfect for athletes and for anyone whose work puts them under pressure and if you are an entrepreneur or an inventor wearing Black Onyx semi-precious jewellery it will help to release negativity and increase productivity.   

This is one of my handmade semi-precious jewellery bracelets designs that has been handmade from a combination of Black Onyx and set between these beads I have placed blocks of faceted Opal Quartz. this is a stunning stone that comes to life when it catches the light and these are a perfect combination creating this unique black and white statement jewellery design. This is an elasticated bracelet so it will fit most wrist sizes and it is a unique jewellery design handcrafted here in the UK






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