Semi-precious handmade jewellery created from Tigers Eye, unusual statement jewellery unique and limited edition designs.


Unusual statement jewellery handcrafted from the stunning Tigers Eye, unique semi-precious jewellery handcrafted from chunky stones and pendants 

Semi-precious Tigers Eye can be found in many places around the world but the largest amounts are mined in South Africa but you will also find it mined in quantities in the USA, Australia, India, Brazil and India. This stunning stone came by its name because of the resemblance to a cats eye. The natural colour of this stone is golden brown and has beautiful bands of colour that runs through it.

This semi-precious stone does not have the classification of a quartz crystal like other stones like Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Smoky Quartz but it could be said to be apart of the quartz family as it is a part of the quartz family you may find inclusions of fibers of gold asbestos and this is what gives this stunning stone its golden colour.

This semi-precious stone is an amplifier of energy similar to other stones of the quartz family and will help to boost the natural energies of other semi-precious crystals used with the Tigers Eye.

This unique statement jewellery necklace UK crafted is a good example of where I have combined this beautiful semi-precious Tigers Eye with other natural stones to create this unique semi-precious jewellery design. In the centre of this unusual handmade jewellery design I have set a large oval block of Tigers Eye and this forms the focal point for the unique statement necklace jewellery handmade with semi-precious Carnelian, Jasper and Quartz. Under the blocks of Tigers Eye hangs a large chunky disc of the semi-precious stone and this hangs from a Sterling Silver bail. With this semi-precious statement jewellery design I have spaced all the semi-precious stones with antique gold coloured freshwater pearls.

Tigers Eye is a stone that will help you to become more more active both physically and mentally. Many people will wear pieces of semi-precious stone necklaces that contain Tigers Eye as this natural stone works well with your lower chakra. This stone will stimulate your base chakra along with the sacral chakra and your solar plexus chakra where the energy of this semi-precious stone has a powerful effect. The vibration of the will which can be found in this semi-precious Tigers Eye stone which is the main energy of the solar plexus and this is very strong within the Tigers Eye stone.

These are three of my handmade jewellery bracelets where I have used the semi-precious in these unique semi-precious jewellery designs. Again you will see that I have used Carnelian again in these statement jewellery designs but these two stones do always work beautifully together. In each of these unique jewellery designs you can see that I have used a large bead as a focal point for the design and these are elasticated bracelets and are worn close to the wrist in a similar way that you would wear a watch. Each of these bracelets are a unique semi-precious jewellery design with only one being made of each design. These  handcrafted semi-precious stone bracelets will complement many of my other pieces of unique statement jewellery handmade in the UK.

Semi-precious Tigers Eye is a quartz stone that has beautiful bands of golden yellow that run through it and these beautiful natural colours are one of the reasons I love to use this semi-precious stone in my statement jewellery designs. This is a powerful stone that will aid with harmony and balance and will help you release any anxieties or fears that you may have. This golden brown natural stone will help you to make decisions with a clear mind and uncloud your emotions. traditionally this stone was worn as a semi-precious jewellery amulet worn as protection against curses , it is known to give you courage and self confidence and strength of will. This semi-precious stone will also enhance your creativity.

This semi-precious statement jewellery necklace shows you that I do not always combine semi-precious stones with other natural stones, with this unique necklace design I have used some beautiful handmade glass lampwork beads. The focal point for the unique jewellery design is a large chunky lampwork bead and it has lovely rich toffee and caramel colours that compliment the natural golden brown colours of the Tigers Eye. I have used different shaped beads in this unique semi-precious jewellery necklace and this adds some interest to this unique one of a kind piece of handmade jewellery.

If you are and earthy person and you vibrate to the energy of the solar plexus or as it is sometimes known as the power chakra you will find that this natural stone will help you to bring out your psychic gifts. It will also help you to develop your 3rd eye.

If you feel that you need to keep Tigers Eye around you then you will be able to find many pieces of semi-precious handmade jewellery that have been created by this stone but if you do not wear semi-precious jewellery then you could simply carry around a tumble stone in your pocket or purse and by night keep a stone under your pillow. Just keep a piece of this natural stone within your aura to feel its benefits.

As examples I have shown you unique statement jewellery designs where Tigers Eye has been combined with Carnelian and this is another handmade semi-precious jewellery design where these stones have been combined. In the centre of this unique jewellery design sits a large freeform faceted bead of Carnelian and this ists between two large round Tigers Eye beads. Along with the Carnelian I have also added some lovely quartz beads to this unique semi-precious jewellery design and these all come together in an unusual statement necklace.

The best way that you can use its energies is to try and keep this stone within your aura for as long as possible each day and one way to do this is to wear a pair of handmade jewellery that contains this stone and this could be a ring, necklace, bracelet or a pair of earrings and I have all these in my collection of unusual semi-precious jewellery It is an effective stone that will help you to achieve your goals. If you are prone to self doubt or you sometimes have feelings of lack of self worth this semi-precious Tigers Eye stone may help you by infusing you with confidence and optimism. Just a few of the reasons why to choose one of my pieces of handcrafted statement jewellery in unique designs handmade from Tigers Eye.





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