Unique and unusual semi-precious jewellery handmade with deep purple and lilac coloured Amethyst, one of a kind jewellery with a statement.


A collection of Amethyst handmade jewellery statement designs unique and original handmade from semi-precious Amethyst combined with other stunning natural stones.

Amethyst is a beautiful semi-precious stone that I use to create many of my original designed handmade jewellery designs. It comes in deep purple through to pale lilac in colour. in the spiritual and psychic world semi-precious Amethyst is a perfect all purpose stone that has the power to enhance intuition and your psychic and spiritual powers of many kinds. This beautiful semi-precious stone achieves this by making a strong connection between the earth plane and all other spiritual worlds. This purple semi-precious stone is perfect for the use in meditation and spiritual dreaming. This purple semi-precious stone  is used to open up your channels of telepathy. clairvoyance, past life regression, and communication with the angels and this Amethyst will also protect you against any psychic attacks while working with your spiritual work and this is why it is often worn in a piece of semi-precious handmade jewellery.  

These two pieces of handmade statement jewellery show how semi-precious stones can be bright and funky. In these semi-precious jewellery designs I have used chunky nuggets of deep purple coloured Amethyst and these are freeform in shape and have been faceted so that they catch the light. With these I have added large roundels of bright orange coloured Coral. Purple and orange are not a combination that you would always think of putting together but in these semi-precious handmade jewellery designs they work perfectly. With the statement jewellery earrings I have spaced the beads with Sterling Silver beads and I have used Sterling Silver earring hooks. With the unique semi-precious gemstone bracelet jewellery design I have used an extending toggle clasp so that the bracelet can be worn any length.

This purple semi-precious stone was held in high esteem by the ancient Romans and it was believed by them that it would prevent drunkenness and the word amethyst comes from the Greek word “amethystus” meaning drunken or intoxicated. Amethyst is a purple and lilac coloured quartz and this was crushed to a powder by the Greeks and Romans and added to there wine to protect them from intoxication. ( I could think of other ways). The wine could then be watered down and it would still retain its deep purple colour This meant less wine therefore less intoxication. Both the ancient Romans and the ancient Greeks created drinking vessels from semi-precious Amethyst and wore statement jewellery amulets to ward of intoxication.

With these two handmade semi-precious jewellery gemstone necklaces you can see how I have added freshwater pearls to the unique statement jewellery designs. These are semi-precious unique jewellery designs are both one of a kind pieces and in both designs I have used nuggets of deep purple coloured Amethyst and also long faceted nuggets of lilac coloured Amethyst. in one of the statement necklace designs I have added Black Onyx and this enhances the natural colour of the stone beautifully. I have peacock coloured freshwater pearls with both of the statement jewellery designs and the purple of the semi-precious stone brings out the lavender tones of these pearls.

Amethyst is a calming and meditative stone that will work perfectly with both the spiritual, emotional and physical planes and will help to provide balance, calm, peace and patience. Keeping a piece of Amethyst around in the form of a nugget or handmade jewellery can be very helpful when dealing with legal problems and money issues and in doing so can lead to prosperity and abundance but this is not the strongest of the prosperity stones.

In this unique statement jewellery necklace a pendant has been handmade from two chunky blocks of this purple semi-precious stones. These ist in the centre of a unique semi-precious jewellery necklace that I have handcrafted from an eclectic mix of Amethyst beads and in this collection you will find round, star, oval and square beads and I have spaced these with purple coloured shells, freshwater pearls. To this handmade statement jewellery design I have also added some semi-precious Fluorite beads and these compliment the purple of the Amethyst perfectly to add some design interest to this handmade jewellery design I have used a silver hook and eye clasp with a spiral design and this semi-precious necklace jewellery design fastens at the front. This is a one of a kind unique jewellery design.

Semi-precious Amethyst is not only a stone that will give you psychic protection but it has also been used to protect you from thieves so it was worn by travelers for protection. Emotionally amethyst is one of the more popular of the stones that are used in crystal healing and is used to help heal personal losses and grief. Amethyst has a gentle energy that has a sedative quality that can help to promote happiness, contentment and  peacefulness. It is said that this beautiful semi-precious stone will bring you inner strength and emotional stability. This stability and strength will not only help you to hold firm in ones life but it will help to hold firm ones life and enhance cooperation and flexibility, to be flexible will show a sure sign of strength.  

When I am creating my handcrafted statement jewellery designs I try to make pieces that compliment each other and these two unique semi-precious jewellery earrings are going to look great on their own or worn to compliment many of my other unique statement jewellery handmade from Amethyst. One of these pairs of handcrafted earrings have been handmade from long rice shaped beads in a pale lilac colour and these sit under a deep purple coloured nugget of the semi-precious Amethyst. Like all my earring designs I have used sterling silver beads and earring hooks with this unique jewellery design. With the other semi-precious jewellery earrings I have sat a roundel of Blue Goldstone under a faceted nugget of the Amethyst.

Amethyst is a crystal quartz that has multi-faceted energy and it can be as gentle as a lamb or as wild as a lion. Many people find this a gentle semi-precious stone and will always bring a gentle and calming effect and this certainly can be. But Amethyst is the type of quartz that is full of energy and power, do not hesitate to use Amethyst if a greater energy is required. You will find this semi-precious stone used throughout my collection of handmade jewellery at Making A Statement Jewellery












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