Unique statement jewellery handmade from semi-precious Jade, this beautiful stone has been used to create unusual handmade jewellery designs.


I have used Jade to create unique semi-precious jewellery designs and with this I have combined other natural stones to create handcrafted jewellery with a statement unusual and original.



The ancient Chinese have always held the semi-precious stone Jade in high esteem and  i love to use this stone in my handmade statement jewellery designs. If you look back the ancient Chinese referred to Jade as crystallized moonlight which had fallen down to earth from the highest of their holiest mountains. This natural semi-precious stone is not in the need of any purification from any type of negative vibrations as it is to believed to be  a gift from the heavens. jade has a natural cleansing process and is naturally serene and clear, this semi-precious stone gives out mild and relaxing vibrations and it is perfect for the use in both the home and the office.

This piece of unique statement jewellery has been handmade from a combination of semi-precious Jade beads and jasper beads. I have used Russian Jade in this unique jewellery design and they are a diamond shape. With this I have combined jasper beads and these are wood Jasper and they have been named this because they actually look like wood. the semi-precious Jasper beads are also diamond shaped and these are frame shaped beads and in the centre of each of these I have placed a large round bead of Jasper. This Russian Jade used in this handmade semi-precious statement jewellery necklace is a lovely deep shade of green and has a mottled effect and you can see this Jade in many of my unique handmade jewellery design with a statement.

Since prehistoric times semi-precious Jade has been regarded as a gemstone of nobility, royalty and great power particularly in the Far Eastern countries. Pieces of semi-precious jewellery handmade from Jade were worn because it was thought of a manifestation of the world wide ideology. Semi-precious Jade corresponds with the atmosphere of neptune and this is the reason why people that are born under the zodiac signs represented by water have a natural attraction to Jade. Maybe this is why my unique statement jewellery handcrafted from Jade are popular with these signs.

This handmade statement jewellery design has also been crafted from russian Jade and with this unusual semi-precious jewellery design I have used both round and diamond shaped jade beads  and to compliment the natural mottled coloured of this natural stone I have spaced these Jade beads with Kiwi Quartz beads and these are a perfect compliment for the semi-precious handmade jewellery design. This piece of unusual jade jewellery is a unique one of a kind piece of semi-precious jewellery and only one will be handcrafted of this design.

jade is a very beautiful gemstone and it is known for its stability and healing properties. It will relieve any anxieties that you may have and will help to remove and deep emotions that may have arrised from fear. This semi-precious stone that I use in my statement jewellery designs  is one of the many gemstones which never allow negative energies or any negative influences to anyone  wearing a piece of semi-precious jewellery handcrafted from Jade. This natural stone does not allow the entry of any negative vibrations. It is said that by wearing this stone next to you in pieces of semi-precious handmade jewellery  you will be protected from being influenced by negative influences and and will emit a calming and cleansing aura. semi-precious Jade can also establish a closer connection between the differences that you will find  between the different stages of the intellectual part of the body. This is why this natural stone  will improve the mental capacity of the person that is wearing a piece of handmade jade statement jewellery. The ancient civilizations of the Far East  have always strongly believed in the healing powers of Jade

This pair of handcrafted statement jewellery earrings have been created from New jade and this semi-precious stone is a delicate green colour. The unique semi-precious jewellery earrings have a long rice shaped bead at the base of the unique one of a kind design and this has been topped with roundels of New Jade and I have spaced each of these with sterling silver beads and they all hang from hooks handcrafted from sterling Silver hooks.

jade is said that it is very beneficial to the heart and will strengthen the immune system, kidneys, spleen and the hair. Jade can be found in many other colours that green and you can see examples of this in my unique semi-precious statement jewellery designs. The red coloured Jade is believed to be a very active natural stone and can be an active stone which will smooth anxious situations and discharge all the negative energies that surround these situations the one down side it may have is that it can over motivate the person that is wearing it in handmade jewellery or is holding this semi-precious stone. The red coloured jade can be used to control anger, upset and agitation and it can be used to promote the feeling of inner peace, joy, happiness. Orange Jade is said to be able to help you with your digestive organs and wearing unique statement jewellery that has been handcrafted from this stone provides security and will boost your energy.

THese two pieces of handmade semi-precious jewellery are both unique necklaces and are of a longer length. I have combined both of these statement jewellery designs with other green coloured semi-precious stones. In one of these necklaces i have added Moss Agate to the unique design and the green of the Jade and the moss agate compliment each other perfectly and to this handcrafted long necklace jewellery design I have also added the green semi-precious stone Green Aventurine, with this design I have also used a bronze coloured toggle clasp to compliment the natural colours of the stone. With the other design I have spaced the natural semi-precious stones with antique gold coloured freshwater pearls.

Jade is perfect to aid meditation and will help to create an inner silence to help with contemplation. You can try and speak to the stone and hold it close to you while you try and listen to what it has to say to you. To receive the message from this semi-precious stone will depend on how you hold it while you are in the process of your meditation. To be able to capture the message from this stone you have to be a very good listener. To become one with the power of this stone you have to carefully focus all your attention  on the stone that you are holding or the semi-precious stone that is in the statement jewellery you are wearing. The way that you will handle jade is similar to the way that you would react to the people that are around you, it needs to be treated the same way that you would manage situations. If you are to use semi-precious Jade to help with your meditation then you will find inner peace and calm.  

This pair of long statement jewellery earrings have been handmade from a combination of purple jade and sparkly purple coloured crystal beads. In this unusual semi-precious jewellery design I have placed an oval shaped purple coloured Jade bead at the base of the unusual design. The deep purple of the crystal beads compliment the deep purple markings in the semi-precious Jade. This is a unique handmade jewellery design and I have only created one pair of this original design.

These unique handmade jewellery earrings are only one of the designs that are available from making a statement jewellery





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