Its nearly Christmas and the party time so what statement jewellery will you be wearing to make you unique?


I have many unique handmade semi-precious jewellery designs that will make that statement over Christmas that you are unique and special, are you a highstreet or unique girl?

This is the time of the year when we are invited to may parties and events and we all like to look unique and original but than this can be expensive purchasing new outfits for all these occasions, this is where unique semi-precious statement jewellery comes in to its own. A simple semi-precious piece of handmade statement jewellery can turn last years dress into something new and original.

It is well known that by adding accessories to your outfit it can be the perfect way to add extra colour and design interest to a plain outfit and create a unique and creative statement look.


These two pieces of my handmade statement jewellery show how semi-precious jewellery does not have to be boring and dull and the combination of the shinny Blue Goldstone and the bright pink cracked Agate work perfectly together. The necklace has been handmade from chunky large cubes of the semi-precious Blue Goldstone and between these I have placed round beads of a bright pink coloured cracked Agate and each of these have been spaced with a Sterling Silver bead and I have used a Sterling Silver clasp with this handmade jewellery design. I have created a unique pair of semi-precious jewellery earrings to compliment this necklace design and these have a cube of the semi-precious Blue Goldstone that sits under one of the pink agate beads and these hang from long oval Sterling Silver earring hooks. This set of statement jewellery would c hear up any outfit and as this is a unique handmade jewellery design with only one being made so you know that you are not going to see anyone else wearing this design.

A statement necklace jewellery design is able to make you stand out in a crowd. That little black dress that is sat in the back of your wardrobe can now be brought out and given a new lease of life and given a splash of colour with a handmade statement jewellery design that has been created from semi-precious stones. It is simple to completely change the look of that little black dress by changing your accessories.


I love these pieces of unusual statement jewellery as the combination of semi-precious smoky quartz and semi-precious Carnelian work perfectly together. I have used two shades of Smoky Quartz in this handmade semi-precious jewellery necklace. To create the pendant which is the focal point I have used 6 sided nuggets of the golden Smoky Quartz and these have been centre drilled and threaded on to a Sterling Silver wire and each of these semi-precious Smoky Quartz nuggets have been spaced with Sterling Silver beads. This stunning pendant sits in the centre of a necklace handcrafted from chunky faceted nuggets of a dark brown coloured Smoky Quartz spaced with Sterling Silver beads and the unique handmade jewellery necklace continues with the beautiful amber coloured semi-precious Carnelian. As this statement jewellery necklace is a unique design you are not going to find anything like it on the highstreet.

I have handmade a pair of unique semi-precious earrings that will compliment this statement necklace design and a chunky nugget of the semi-precious darker brown Smoky Quartz sits under Carnelian beads all spaced with Sterling Silver beads I have used a simple sterling silver hook with this design so that is does not detract from the stunning semi-precious stones used in this unique handmade jewellery design.

Statement jewellery necklace designs come in all shapes and sizes and the piece above is a shorter length with a long pendant but I do have a range of unique handmade jewellery necklace designs both pendant and plain in many lengths. The longer length necklace designs can create a long length of colour.

When you are choosing a piece of unique statement jewellery remember to choose a design that will suit you, big and bold is not the design for everyone but a piece of handcrafted semi-precious jewellery does not have to be large and bold to be a statement piece one of my more delicate designs could be what you are looking for.

When I say that big and bold is not always the way with unique statement jewellery this collection of handcrafted semi-precious jewellery show that. The rose Quartz necklace makes the statement that you are feminine and individual as this is a semi-precious unique jewellery necklace with only one being made of this design. In the centre of the necklace sits an oval pendant of the lovely soft pink coloured Rose Quartz and this form the focal point for the unique jewellery design. It sits in the centre of a necklace handmade from semi-precious Rose Quartz beads and between these I have set pretty soft cream coloured freshwater pearls and sparkly pink coloured crystal beads. All these come together to make a unique statement jewellery design. To compliment this unusual handcrafted jewellery design I have created 2 pairs of unique earrings, in both of these design I have used a round semi-precious Rose Quartz bead and with one of the design I have topped this with a freshwater pearl and with the other it has been topped with one of the same crystal beads that have been used to create the unique statement necklace. With one of the pair of earrings I have used the curved sterling silver hooks and with the other earring design I have used the long oval sterling silver earring hooks so that it will give this unique jewellery design a longer drop.

I just wanted to show you some of the unique semi-precious jewellery designs that are available from Making A Statement Jewellery if you have had a look through my unique handmade jewellery collection and not seen a design that you like then all you have to do is contact me and I may be able to create for you your own individually created piece of handcrafted jewellery






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