Working with the unusual cracked agate in my handmade statement jewellery designs.


In this collection of semi-precious handmade jewellery designs I have used semi-precious Cracked Agate to create the unique semi-precious jewellery earrings, and original handmade necklaces.

In this collection of unique statement jewellery designs that I have just added you will see that I have used the unusual semi-precious stone Cracked Agate in the collection of semi-precious stones. These unusual beads add a quirky and unique dimension to my handmade jewellery designs and they are available to me in a wide variety of colours so I think that you are going to see these stones in many more of my unique pieces of semi-precious jewellery in the future.


 I have created this unique handmade jewellery necklace from a combination of the natural rich amber coloured Carnelian, the strong green coloured Moss Agate and among these beads I have added cracked Agate beads in a complimenting amber colour. I love how each of these stones are unique and original and have an unusual texture with them that just adds a new dimension to the handmade statement jewellery design. This necklace s a unique semi-precious jewellery design with only one being made so you are not going to find this design anywhere else. I love these large chunky beads in this design and this stone has a lovely polish and you can actually see your face in these stones. The deep green of the semi-precious Moss Agate beads is a stunning compliment in this statement jewellery designs and the cracked agate beads bring these two semi-precious stones together perfectly.

 I like to create handmade earrings that compliment my unusual statement jewellery designs and with these designs you can see that they are going to compliment the unique handmade jewellery necklace above perfectly. I always make a couple of unique one of a kind handcrafted earring designs and one of these pairs has a round cracked agate bead sitting under a round moss Agate beads and again these two semi-precious stones look beautiful together. I have topped this unique earring design with a round faceted Carnelian bead and with this earring design I have used a simple sterling silver hook. There is a unique design where again I have used one of the semi-precious cracked agate beads at the base and this sits under 3 of the round faceted carnelian beads and with these handmade earrings I have used the semi-circular shaped sterling silver earring hooks. The last of these unusual earring designs is simply a round cracked agate bead under a semi-precious Carnelian bead and these statement jewellery earrings then hang from long oval sterling silver earring hooks and these earring hooks have an unusual rope effect design.

Turquoise is one of my favourite semi-precious stones that I use to create my handcrafted statement jewellery designs and in this unique necklace I have used smooth oval shaped semi-precious Turquoise beads and each of these I have framed with frosted strawberry Quartz beads. The soft salmon pink of the quartz beads compliments this delicate blue of the semi-precious Turquoise perfectly. Between the quartz and the Turquoise beads I have set round black cracked agate beads. These have a lovely texture and I always think that black semi-precious stones add drama to handmade statement jewellery designs and this necklace is no exception. This necklace is another of my unique pieces and I have used a sterling silver hook with this one of a kind handmade jewellery design. I love the combination of these stones and again the cracked Agate adds another depth to the piece.

With this unique statement jewellery necklace you can see how the frosted effect of these purple coloured semi-precious Agate beads contrasts with the large jasper bead that is the focal point for this unusual handmade jewellery design. This stunning Jasper bead has natural grey, lilac and purple markings and these have been highlighted with the lavender colour of the semi-precious Agate beads and the deeper mid purple colour of the natural Amethyst beads. The Amethyst beads have been faceted so they also add some texture to this original handmade jewellery design. I have finished this Jasper necklace with smooth polished deep purple coloured Agate beads and this semi-precious jewellery design then fastens with a sterling silver hook and eye clasp.

These examples are just a few of my statement jewellery designs where I have added cracked agate semi-precious beads and I am sure that I will have many more to show you in the future.








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