Why I choose to make semi-precious statement jewellery designs, creating unique and original jewellery designs here in the UK.


I have been making handmade semi-precious jewellery for many years so why am I now choosing to create unique handmade jewellery with a statement from natural semi-precious stones.

I have been making handmade jewellery for many years and love to create unique and original designs and over the years I have used many different materials to create my unique designs but over the years my love of semi-precious stones has grown and that is why I now create handmade semi-precious jewellery designs. I love working with semi-precious stones in my statement jewellery designs but when I was looking around at many semi-precious designs I thought that many of the designers skimped on the stones. My unique handcrafted designs are all about the stones and in these pieces you will find large chunky stones and many semi-precious nuggets. I also like to add freshwater pearls and crystals to the designs for a little bit of design interest and added texture.

Statement jewellery is very fashionable at the moment but my designs are not created to be this minuted fashion piece they are created to be worn and loved for years the statement that you make with these pieces are that you are unique and original and that you are not afraid to stand out in the crowd. That is to stand out for all the right reasons. Most of my handmade jewellery designs are unique one of a kind pieces so you know that no one else is going to be seen wearing the same design as yourself and if you purchase a pieces of handcrafted semi-precious jewellery from Making A Statement Jewellery UK as a gift for someone you can be assured that they will not already have one and all my pieces come presented in a jewellery box beautifully wrapped ready for you to give as that perfect unique handmade gift.

When you are styling one of your favourite outfits you can always rely on a chunky handmade-semi-precious gemstone necklace to make a difference. This could be a T. Shirt and jeans or that favourite glamorous dress. Worn day or night bold and chunky statement necklaces can turn your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.


Some of my chunky and bold statement necklaces handmade from large semi-precious beads and pendants 

With this collection of statement necklace jewellery designs you can see that I have used various semi-precious stones to create these unique jewellery designs. Each of these unusual chunky necklace designs is a unique one of a kind handmade jewellery design. With one of these handcrafted necklace designs I have combined the semi-precious stones Amethyst with bright orange coloured Coral roundels. Orange and purple is probably not colours that you would think of putting together but these deep purple coloured nuggets of semi-precious Amethyst look stunning against the bright orange of the coral in this handcrafted one of a kind jewellery design. The unique necklace that you can see in the centre of this collection of semi-precious jewellery is a classic black and purple coloured design but there is nothing classic about this unique chunky necklace design. I have used large faceted pendants of the black coloured Rainbow Obsidian and I have spaced these chunky pendants with faceted nuggets of Amethyst, these semi-precious nuggets are a little bit lighter in this handmade statement jewellery design. The other necklace has been handmade from the lovely soft blue coloured Turquoise and I have used stones different shapes and sizes. To add some extra interest in this statement necklace design I have also added some oval beads of semi-precious Jasper that have a beautiful motteled effect. All the semi-precious stones in these pieces of handmade jewellery with a statement have been spaced with tiny freshwater pearls.

Unique handmade statement jewellery does just that it makes a statement that people will notice and if you choose unique handmade jewellery it will be a statement that people will remember for all the right reasons.

I am often asked how you should wear statement jewellery and I do think that this is very personal, there is always a a thought that statement jewellery should be worn on formal occasions but this is something that I would disagree with as I think that my unique handmade jewellery designs should be worn all the time any time of the day and with casual or formal clothes. My semi-precious jewellery designs are meant to be worn for you to show your own uniqueness.

In most cases we just throw something together that is quick and easy but like to give the appearance that we have taken a lot of time and thought about or outfit and adding a piece of statement jewellery can do this. This could be a pair of long dangling handmade jewellery earrings, a chunky statement necklace or a unique jewellery bracelet handmade from semi-precious stones.

If you are going for a simple dress down look of a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or a simple but stylish dress adding a few pieces of handmade statement jewellery can enhance these outfits.


Red and black always make a statement and this unique jewellery necklace that I have handmade from large rectangular beads of deep red coloured Jade and these I have set between semi-precious Snowflake Obsidian beads and semi-precious black cracked Agate beads. This unusual necklace is a unique handmade jewellery design with only one being made of this design and would look perfect with that little black dress. The necklace that you see in the centre of these there statement jewellery designs has been handmade from more subtle shade of semi-precious stones and I have used the soft pink Rose Quartz and between these pink stones I have placed mid purple coloured cracked agate, discs of the sparkly deep blue goldstone and to give this handcrafted jewellery necklace a feminine statement I have places soft cream coloured freshwater pearls in this unique statement jewellery design. The last of these necklace designs that I am showing you in this collection of handmade jewellery has been created from semi-precious Jasper and to compliment the stunning natural colours in the Jasper I have framed it with purple coloured agate beads, faceted nuggets of Amethyst and this unique necklace finishes with deep purple coloured Agate beads.

Which ever pieces of statement jewellery you decide to wear and for whatever occasion remember always be bold, be unique and most importantly be yourself. If you can not see what you are looking for at Making A Statement Jewellery contact me and I may be able to make it for you.










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