Why would you choose handmade jewellery as opposed to mass produced semi-precious jewellery designs to be found on the highstreet?


So why is it with your statement jewellery you would go for semi-precious handcrafted jewellery designs instead of the mass produced pieces that can be found in every store on the high street, I would say the answer is your unique.

If you go into any highstreet store now in your local town, online and even in your supermarket you are able to find many pieces of statement jewellery in lots of designs and some very varying price ranges. But what do all these have in common, Well for a start these are all mass produced by the thousand and in some cases the hundreds of thousands and if you want to make a statement with any of these statement jewellery designs then the statement that you are making is that you are a follower not a leader. Accessorising your outfits with pieces of unique jewellery is so that you can achieve a unique look, something that says something about yourself and who you are so why would you want to wear something that is being worn by thousands of other people? I am not saying that these pieces of mass produced jewellery do not have their place in the market as I can remember when I was young I would by these pieces but I soon came around to the fact that if I wanted something hat was unique and original I would have to create my own and I guess that was the start of my love of handmade jewellery making. Now I spend my time creating my unique statement jewellery designs and selling them online so that other women who feel the same as I do have access to unique and original statement semi-precious jewellery designs.

I do try and create unique statement jewellery designs that may appeal to many people to be worn on many occasions

There are many stunning semi-precious stones from which I create my unique statement jewellery designs and the pieces of handmade jewellery above show you some of the designs that I have created from a selection of these stunning natural stones in shades of golden brown, amber, and I have just added a purple stone in the mix to shake them up.

With the first of these unique jewellery designs I have used both gold and brown coloured semi-precious smoky quartz. In this unique statement jewellery design I have created a long pendant as the focal point for the handcrafted jewellery design. This has been made by placing centre drilled long nuggets of semi-precious golden smoky Quartz on a Sterling Silver post and under this hangs an oval faceted nugget of the brown coloured smoky quartz. I love the chunkiness of these semi-precious stones and the fact that each one of them is unique and original. This long chunky pendant sits in the centre of a unique statement necklace handcrafted from more of the oval faceted semi-precious Smoky Quartz nuggets and these have also been centre drilled. To finish these unique handmade jewellery design the necklace finishes with faceted beads of Carnelian.

The long statement earring jewellery design that is on show have also been handcrafted from the semi-precious stone Smoky Quartz but this time I have used polished and cut beads. A long and elegant rice shaped bead is the focal point for the handmade jewellery design and this sits under a bright orange coloured roundel of semi-precious coral. The brown of the Smoky Quartz and the orange of the Coral are a great combination and just to add that something extra I have topped these beads with a purple Jade bead.

The other necklace is also a unique one of a kind statement jewellery and design and this stunning necklace has a large faceted freeform bead of Carnelian as the focal point for this unique handmade jewellery design and this has been framed with two large round Tigers Eye beads. I have continues the design with more Carnelian beads and I have chosen to use beads that have lots of natural markings. This necklace continues with roundels of quartz and these compliment the Tigers Eye and the carnelian perfectly. I have used a sterling silver fastener with this handcrafted necklace design.

I hope that this small selection of my unique necklace jewellery designs shows you why we should not be buying highstreet and mass produced and that there are many unique and individual pieces of statement jewellery available both at Making A Statement Jewellery and also at some of the many other online stores that are selling there unique semi-precious jewellery designs.

This selection of unusual semi-precious statement jewellery designs show you that I do not always use large and chunky semi-precious beads in my unique jewellery designs. With the Fluorite necklace I have used small polished nuggets of the Fluorite and I have grouped these together and framed them with freshwater pearls. I have chose to use peacock blue and rich cranberry coloured pearls with this handmade jewellery design to compliment the natural colours in the semi-precious Fluorite. These groups of semi-precious stones and pearls have then been placed between S shaped Sterling Silver tubes and the shape of these Sterling Silver tubes make this unique necklace design look as if it is floating around your neck. It is a delicate design but I would still call it a piece of statement jewellery.

The long earrings have been hinged twice so that they have lots of movement when they are worn and with this unusual jewellery design I have mixed semi-precious Red Aventurine with the sparkly brown Goldstone. The goldstone is a lovely sparkly stone that catches the light and I have chosen faceted beads so that they catch the light even more. I have used Sterling Silver fittings with these handcrafted earrings.

The semi-precious bracelet is also a unique design that is delicate and had been handmade from round purple coloured Jade beads and these have been alternated with discs of Paua Shell. To add some sparkle to this unusual statement jewellery design I have set roundels of purple crystal. This is such a pretty design and it is unique with only one made

I hope that I have been able to bring you over the side of handmade and unique as opposed to mass produced. If you take a look through my full collection of handcrafted statement jewellery and do not see the design you are looking for all you have to do is contact me






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