Created in Yorkshire, I am now selling my handmade statement jewellery semi-precious earrings, handmade necklaces and unique bracelets at a lovely shop in Wakefield along with many other crafters selling thier handmade crafts.


You can now come along to Created in Yorkshire where you will find a selection of my handcrafted semi-precious jewellery designs, unique earrings, handmade necklaces and semi-precious bracelets along side other handmade jewellery and many other crafts all crafted in Yorkshire

Created in Yorkshire

I spent the day in the lovely shop Created in Yorkshire on Friday where I now have a collection of my handmade semi-precious jewellery. There are many other craft people selling there crafts in this amazing store.

Created in Yorkshire can be found in the Ridding Shopping centre which is in the heart of Wake field's shopping district. All the major stores can be found within the Riddings shopping centre and Created in Yorkshire is on the top mall opposite M&S and Boots so it is easily found and you can not miss it large and bright windows full of amazing handcrafted goods.

As well as my handmade statement jewellery there are other jewellery makers that are selling there unique handmade jewellery with in the store. I did take some photos but I need to get some of the individual sellers and I will post lots more over the coming weeks but this picture shows you a collection of some of the quirky and unusual vintage style designs. Among the collection of handmade jewellery that is on offer at Created in Yorkshire you will find some stunning pieces that have been made by hand from Dicroic glass, I do not have any photos that do this jewellery justice at the moment but I will be uploading some soon so you you can see the stunning colours in these jewellery designs.

In the shop there is a lady that does some beautiful felt work and has jewellery among here collection and and there is a collection of sterling silver jewellery again no photos to show you how beautiful these designs are, if you are into steampunk then you will love Created in Yorkshire as there is a quirky collection of handmade jewellery that will be right up your street. And of course I have may handmade semi-precious jewellery on sale.

Things for the baby at Created in Yorkshire

 If you are looking for something for a new baby then you must pop into the shop as there is so much to choose from, pictures, nappy cakes, cards and many more handmade gifts not just for the new baby but for Mum as well. Some of these pieces are so cute and all reasonably priced and you know hat when you make a purchase from Created in Yorkshire the goods are genuinely handmade and all locally in Yorkshire so you are supporting local traders and small business.

Fashion at Created in Yorkshire

 There are some lovely fashion products and here are just a few of the things on offer. The dresses are beautiful, so well made the quality is first class and the designs unique in design and for one of a kind dresses the prices are perfect. If it is not a dress that you are looking for Created in Yorkshire can offer you crafted handbags in a range of designs and styles, around the shop I have also seen T-shirts, beautiful silk scarves and even shoes. As I keep saying these are just a small example of what is on over and over the coming weeks I will show you everything that is available in this store. There is also a children's range of clothes available, T-shirts, dresses and other items of clothing.

Homeware on sale at Created in Yorkshire

 As you look around this shop you can see the large range of homeware that is on sale. There is everything from large pieces of painted furniture to place mats. I love the collection of light shades and I do know that these can be made to order if you do not see anything that you are looking for but the choice is large and varied with something for everyone's tastes. If you are looking for scatter cushions then there is a beautiful choice that have been crafted from lots of different materials, the designs I am showing are fabric but there are some stunning cushion covers made by hand from felt that I have my eye on. There are ceramics and some stunning glass wear that I will photograph when I am next in as these vases and other handmade glass items are beautiful pieces to give as gifts and also to have around your own home. There is a collection of slate items that offers place-mats, candle holders, memo boards, cake stands and a stunning lamps. Everywhere you look in Created in Yorkshire you find something new.

Nice smelly stuff at Created in Yorkshire


 If you like nice smelly stuff then you will find something here, a large range of candles and oil burners to make the home smell nice and there is also a range of bath products with soaps and bath bombs to give as a gift or to just indulge yourself.

Lot's of yummy goodies available at Created in Yorkshire


Fun and quirky at Created in Yorkshire

 A yummy selection of jams and chutneys again making great gifts or to treat yourself to something home made. There are many to choose from and each as yummy as each other, everyone's favourite flavours and some that may be new to you. A special treat or just because you are worth it.

I have hardly covered some of the handmade crafted that are sold by this collection of talented small individual business people that all come together under Created in Yorkshire to sell there handmade goods. Handmade cards, unique jewellery necklaces, fashion items, gifts from the new born to Grandma and Grandad all unusual and original. If you were to call in the shop everyday you would see something new that would catch your eye. This collection here is only a fraction of what is available so keep watching and I will try to show you everything over the next few weeks.




I could not go without showing you these, you see what I mean when I say there is always something to catch your eye and is out of the ordinary

















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