Using Aventurine in my unique semi-precious jewellery designs, creating statement earrings, necklaces and bracelets in unique and original handcrafted jewellery UK made.


Here I will show you some of my unique jewellery with a statement that have been created from the semi-precious stone Aventurine and like all my other unusual handmade statement jewellery designs these unusual earrings, semi-precious necklaces and handcrafted bracelets are all UK made.

Natural Aventurine semi-precious Jewellery designs

Aventurine is one of the many natural stones that I use in my many semi-precious jewellery designs. At the moment I have pieces of handmade statement jewellery that include Green Aventurine and Red Aventurine and yet to include any unique jewellery designs that have been handcrafted fron the other colour types of Aventurine

The semi-precious stone Aventurine are a natural crystal that contains a large amount of high quality quartz and among this quartz you will find some inclusions that of a selection of other minerals and this is why we find semi-precious Aventurine in a variety of other colours.

This is one of the important semi-precious stones within the crystals and the main reason for this is because this natural stone is not only beautiful but it is able to magnify natural energy's. Each of the different coloured semi-precious stones have slightly different properties and I will ell you a little bit about each in turn

 Green Aventurine used as a focal point for the semi-precious jewellery design.

This pieces of handmade statement jewellery is a unique one of a kind design and for this unusual necklace I have used a large chunky block of semi-precious Green Avenbturine as the focal point for the unique jewellery design. This Aventurine is a deep green in colour and to compliment this natural dark green colour I have placed this Green Aventurine block under a band of semi-precious Amethyst. The purple of the Amethyst and the green of the Aventurine look stunning together in this semi-precious jewellery design and to highlight these natural colours I have used some paua shell beads in the statement jewellery design.

The semi-precious stone Aventurine has been found in large amounts in India, China, Brazil, Italy and Russia. The name Aventurine is used because this natural stone has the qualitys of aventurescence and this means that this semi-precious stone has reflective qualitys and you will notice in my handmade jewellery designs where I have used large polished stones and pendants of Aventurine they can have almost a mirror quality.

Green Aventurine is the most common colours of this stone as I have used in this unique jewellery design that you can see above. You can also find this stone in shades of blue, peach, orange, yellow, brown and grey.

Red Aventurine handmade semi-precious jewellery designs.

With these two pieces of statement jewellery you can see that I have used the semi-precious stone Red Aventurine in the unique designs. The stone is called red Aventurine but it is actually a deep rich orange in colour so it is a good natural stone to use in my unique jewellery designs.

The unique earrings are a big and bold statement jewellery design and I have combined the semi-precious Red Aventurine with polished Black Onyx. These earrings are a unique one of a kind handmade jewellery design and I have not only used different stones in the semi-precious jewellery design but I have used contrasting shapes to add some interest to the design and with all my earring designs I have used sterling silver ear hooks.

With the unique jewellery necklace I have added the Aventurine to large Jasper beads and the orange of the Aventurine contrasts with grey and black of these stones. Each of these stones have different natural markings that add to the uniqueness to this semi-precious jewellery design and the orange, black and grey combination is very on trend at the moment but this is a handmade jewellery design that will test the test of time.

Some of the different colours in this natural stone are not truly different colours but they are just different shades of the same colour and this depends on the amount of the other minerals that can be found in the stone.

With these added minerals come added quality's and energy's to the stones. All the varieties of this semi-precious stone will enhance the energies and quality's of other stones. Each of the various colours will help you to balance both male and female energies you have. It will help your leadership quality's

With these two handmade semi-precious jewellery necklaces I have used Green Aventurine.

With the pendant necklace I have used a large polished disc of the Green Aventurine and this is a good example of how this semi-precious stone can have a mirror quality. I have made a twisted bail with sterling silver to hold the pendant onto the statement jewellery necklace design. I have combined the Green Aventurine with carnelian and the rich amber of this stone with the deep green of the aventurine is stunning with this unique handmade jewellery design and the chunky carnelian beads and the large semi-precious disc certainly does make a statement and is a one of a kind unique jewellery design.

In the other of the original necklace designs I have combined the Aventurine with Russian Jade and this is a longer length piece and this piece is in different shades of green

The green aventurine gets its colour from the mineral Fuchite within the semi-precious stone and this stone is said to be one of the crystals that will help you to make contact with the elements

This semi-precious stone is said to have great healing properties and have great health benefiting properties so if you have high blood pressure or heart problems wearing a piece of handmade semi-precious jewellery that created from green Aventurine can help and this natural stone also has an anti inflammatory effect and will help if you have any skin conditions.

If you are looking for a pieces of original semi-precious jewellery handcrafted from Green Aventurine or one of the other semi-precious Aventrine stones but you are noit able to find what you are looking for among my collection at making A Statement Jewellery UK then contact me and I may be able to help ypou by creating your own unique jewellery design.












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