Being creative with semi-precious stones and creating unique handmade jewellery statement earrings, semi-precious necklaces, handmade bracelets that are unusual and original in semi-precious jewellery design.


Differnet semi-precious stones in my handmade jewellery designs, handcrafted earrings, statement necklaces, unique bracelets

I have used many different semi-precious stones to create my handcrafted unique jewellery designs and these semi-precious stones inspire me in my statement jewellery designs and hopefully I create designs that you will love

I have always been creative and I can remember as a small girl creating unique jewellery from buttons in my Grandmothers button box. I have tried and enjoyed many crafts but jewellery is now the outlet for my creativity.

I am often asked where I get the inspiration from my designs and I would say that the biggest inspiration for my semi-precious handmade jewellery designs are the stones there selves. I have said before that I have worked with many different materials in creating my handcrafted jewellery but my first love is semi-precious stones and the shape, colours and feel of the stones are the biggest inspiration in my statement jewellery designs.

The aim of Making A Statment Jewellery UK

The aim of Making A Statement Jewellery UK is to create for you a collection of unique and original semi-precious jewellery all handmade in the UK that is a reasonable price and that offers lots of semi-precious stones in the design. I work hard to try and achieve this so I hope that you are happy with my collection.

When I start to design a new piece of handmade semi-precious jewellery I am inspired by the natural colours and markings in he stones and one of the stones that I use in my unique designs is Jasper and there are many different types of Jasper and each bead and pendant that has been created from this stunning stone is unique.


The first of these pieces of statement jewellery in this collection of unique necklaces has been handmade from a disc of jasper and this sits in the centre of this necklace design. This semi-precious Jasper disc has beautiful rich orange and brown colours and the colours in this semi-precious stone remind me of the colours that you would see in a leaf in autumn. To compliment the natural colours in this Jasper disc I have sat it in the centre of a semi-precious jewellery necklace handmade from round semi-precious Red Aventurine beads and in these beads I have placed oval Jasper beads and to add some drama to this unique handmade jewellery designs I have also added some highly polished semi-precious Black Onyx beads

With the second of these unusual necklaces UK handcrafted I have used a large oval bead of picture Jasper and this has a soft grey colour as the back ground and in the grey you can see soft pinks and purples and to compliment these natural colours I have framed this Jasper bead with semi-precious purple coloured cracked agate beads and I have used these because of the texture of the stones and the colour highlights the purple in the Jasper stone. I have alternated the cracked agate with nuggets of deep purple coloured semi-precious Amethyst and in this unusual handcrafted jewellery design these stones certainly make a statement.

The last of this unusual jewellery designs is a necklace where I have used a semi-precious Jasper that looks like wood. This is an amazing natural stone and I have found it is some unusual shapes. With this design you can see that I have used 3 diamond shaped framed beads in this wood jasper and in the centre of each of these frames I have placed a large round Jasper bead. I have alternated these with diamond shaped Russian Jade beads and the mottled green of the Jade compliments this wood affect jasper perfectly. These 3 necklaces show perfectly how the semi-precious stones influence my statement jewellery designs


Each piece of my unique semi-precious jewellery is handmade with love and a passion

I really love creating my statement jewellery designs and can spend a long time working on a piece choosing the combination of beads that I am going to use in my unusual designs. I like to work in my studio with my music on and forget the rest of the world and loose myself in the world of semi-precious stones.

The first of these necklaces has been handmade from a combination of semi-precious smoky quartz and Carnelian. With this statement jewellery design I have use nuggets of both the brown coloured Smoky Quartz and the golden Smoky Quartz. I have used chunky faceted nuggets of the brown smoky quartz and alternated them with long spiky nuggets of this beautiful semi-precious stone and in this semi-precious handmade jewellery design I have spaced each of these semi-precious nuggets with an antique gold coloured freshwater pearl. The unusual necklace continues with rich amber coloured Carnelian beads. I love working with semi-precious stones like Smoky Quartz because they are a quartz and each nugget is unique with ist inclusions and different shapes

The second design is also a piece of unique handcrafted jewellery where I have used Paua Shell but this design is very different. I have used marquise shaped paua Shell beads where pink and blue paua Shell have been framed with silver and I have placed these Paua Shell beads between S shaped sterling silver beads. I chose to use S shaped beads with this statement jewellery designs because it adds the feeling of movement to this pieces of jewellery handcrafted with pearls and silver beads and ths is one of my more delicate designs and shows that a piece of semi-precious jewellery does not have to be large and chunky to make a statement.

In the last of these unique statement jewellery designs I have used bands of the stunning Paua Shell to create a pendant for the necklace. These bands are irregular in shape and double drilled so perfect for creating a pendant and each of the bands have been spaced with a small sterling silver bead. Paua Shell is stunning and so beautiful and as it moves and catches the light you can see all the different colours that are in the shell. You can see blues, purples and greens in this shell and with this statement jewellery designs I have used the lovely soft duck egg blue semi-precious Amazonite to bring out the blue colours in the shell







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