Some of my semi-precious stone handmade jewellery designs all crafted here in the UK and a little history of where our jewellery designs come from


Semi-precious statement designs of jewellery have been worn throughout the centuries here is a brief history of where some of these designs come from and some of my unique jewellery UK made and designed.

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When it comes to a piece of statement jewellery we can see that this is not a new fashion and that these unique and unusual designs have been worn throughout the ages. Jewellery has been used to since the beginning of time to make that statement.

The pieces of semi-precious stone jewellery that we choose to wear says about who we are as a person, it reflects out individual style, our tastes and our personality. Style, design and fashion may change but our love of sparkling statement jewellery never dies. Even before fashion for clothing gained popularity the fashion for semi-precious jewellery had taken a hold and these unique and unusual designs were being handmade from rare natural stones and precious metals and these pieces were cherished and became symbols of beauty and prestige. Over the centuries handmade jewellery has evolved from the magical and mystical symbols of religion Christianity and pagan. They were used as objects of opulence, wealth and power.

Long chunky statement necklace jewellery handmade from semi-precious stones.

This long chunky necklace UK designed is one of my unique statement jewellery designs that I have handmade from a stunning mix of semi-precious stones. The natural stones that I have used in this chunky necklace are Tigers Eye, Carnelian, Jasper and semi-precious Green Aventurine. To enhance these natural stones I have spaced each of these semi-precious stones I have set a couple of beautiful handmade glass beads and these have all been spaced with freshwater pearls. I chose an antique gold colour pearl for this handmade jewellery design and with this chunky necklace I have used a bronze toggle clasp as a fastener

Semi-precious jewellery designs from ancient Egypt

From the beginning of time jewellery has made some sort of statement not only about the person that is wearing the unique semi-precious jewellery but the designs and the semi-precious stones used in these jewellery designs make a statement about the people and culture and the unusual designs will have been developed from their religious beliefs and social values. Some of the most well known of the ancient semi-precious jewellery treasures ever found were in the tomb of the Egyptian King Tutankhamen. The jewellery artisans of ancient Egypt were very skilled with working with precious metals like gold and in this tomb you can see that the mummys were covered with a large quantity of precious metals, semi-precious stones and handmade statement jewellery. Among the stunning pieces of unique handcrafted jewellery that were found in these tombs were the most amazing statement necklaces jewellery handmade from precious metals and set with precious stones. Large pendants handmade from semi-precious stones, statement bracelets and handmade statement earrings were all to be seen in this large collection of semi-precious stone jewellery designs. The style and designs of these artefacts were very symbolic and most of these designs were symmetrical in style and have many mystical and religious meanings in there unusual and individual designs.

Unusual semi-precious necklace jewellery handmade UK

I love this unique necklace handmade from semi-precious Blue Goldstone, Amethyst, Agate and the discs of bright red coral.

I have used a large cube of Blue Goldstone as the focal point for this statement jewellery design and then to compliment the deep sparkly blue of this stone I have framed with with lilac coloured cracked Agate beads. The unique necklace continues with alternating round lilac coloured cracked Agate beads and nuggets of a deeper lilac coloured semi-precious Amethyst. I have set discs of Blue Goldstone between the Agate and Amethyst to tie in with the large cube of Goldstone and then I have spaced each of these semi-precious stones with discs of bright red coloured coral. This is a unique statement jewellery design and I have only made one of this design

Ancient Greeks unique jewellery designs

The ancient Greeks had a semi-precious jewellery style all of there own and there jewellery designs were very much in the style of there architecture and art and many of these statement jewellery designs were miniature sculptures and very classic in design. The human form both women and man can be seen in the styles. The Greeks had many mythical figures that appeared in there folk lore and religious believes and these can be seen in their statement jewellery. The Greeks had a full range of jewellery with rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and many amulets that were used to ward off evil spirits and worn as a form as safety.

Blue Goldstone and Amethyst semi-precious statement jewellery earrings

I think that semi-precious gemstone earrings are my favourite piece of handmade jewellery and I am not often seen not wearing a pair. The pair that you see here are going to look great worn on there own or they would compliment many of my other pieces of statement jewellery especially the unique necklace that has been shown above. At the base of the unique design sits a large cube of Blue Goldstone and this sits under a nugget of semi-precious Amethyst; I have used sterling silver beads and sterling silver earring hooks with this handmade jewellery design.

Statement jewellery produced by ancient Rome.

The one thing that ancient Rome had in abundance was power and wealth and this can be seen in its handmade jewellery. This stunning pieces of artistry were reserved for the rich and the powerful and the semi-precious stone jewellery designs were only worn by people in the highest classes and these pieces of jewellery were worn by both men and women. As the trade and wealth grew with this nation there is evidence that jewellery then became available to all classes and we can see rings, bracelets, necklaces and brooches. These pieces of handmade jewellery were crafted from gold and set with semi-precious and precious gemstones. The Romans took many of there designs from earlier cultures and just added a twist of their own. The time was very opulent and flamboyant and the styles reflected that and many of the statement jewellery designs were very large and in these pieces they started to add many more of the more colourful semi-precious gemstones like sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds and they also started to use freshwater pearls in there unique semi-precious jewellery designs.






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