Semi-precious handmade jewellery as accessories


Choosing the right piece of semi-precious stone unique jewellery design can change an outfit from something that is old and dated into something unique and original handmade jewellery that is versatile.

 I have a large and eclectic mix of semi-precious jewellery designs that all can be found by following the links at the top of the page. My full collection of statement jewellery includes semi-precious earrings, semi-precious necklaces and semi-precious bracelets

Long Carnelian semi-precious jewellery earrings handmade UK

 These long and elegant Carnelian earrings are a stunning statement jewellery choice as the beautiful rich amber colour of the semi-precious carnelian will compliment many colours and these semi-precious stone jewellery earrings handmade in the UK can be worn dressed up or dressed down, They are classic and elegant and with this unique jewellery design I have used sterling silver spacer beads and sterling silver earring hooks.

The way that we choose to dress and use fashion to present ourselves to the world can be very important to some people. If we feel good about the way that we look and are happy with our own unique style this can fill us with confidence.

 Sometimes we have a problem with establishing our own individuality and unique and original style and are not able to find the right outfit for the right occasion or are just not able to find what we are looking for and this is where choosing a pieces of unique handmade semi-precious jewellery can help. We are always looking in our wardrobe and recycling outfits and mixing and matching pieces into different combinations but we do not always achieve the look we want and we do not always have the finance to keep buying new clothes especially if we want to create a unique look and this is where adding unusual handmade semi-precious jewellery designs to our old outfits can change something from the ordinary to the extraordinary,

Semi-precious statement jewellery necklace handmade from Aventurine and Amethyst

This handcrafted semi-precious necklace design shows how natural stones like the Green Aventurine and the Amethyst can be mixed with natural shells like the Paua Shell. I like to mix unusual colour combinations in my designs and the green of the aventurine and the deep purple of the semi-precious Amethyst work beautifully together in this unique statement jewellery design. I have used the combination of these two stones to enhance the natural colours that can be found in the Paua Shell. I have also added some green crystal beads to this statement design and this unique necklace would set off a summer dress beautifully or look stunning worn against black

 Handmade jewellery and other accessories are an amazing way to completely change the look of an outfit and with a few well chosen pieces you can make it look as if you have acquired a whole new wardrobe. By adding the right pieces of unique semi-precious stone jewellery to an outfit you can turn that little black dress that has been sat in the back of the wardrobe into something that looks as if it has just come down from the catwalk. Unique statement jewellery can change a casual jumper into something sophisticated. It really is worth the investment of purchasing some pieces of unusual semi-precious statement jewellery that will easily change the feel and the look of your whole wardrobe.

Bright and bold semi-precious statement jewellery necklace in green and black 

This bright and bold necklace handmade from semi-precious green agate and black onyx shows that natural stone statement jewellery does ot have to be dull and boring. In the centre of this unique necklace sits and art deco style pendant and this has been placed in the centre of a necklace handcrafted from bright green coloured agate beads set with polished black onyx beads. This unique semi-precious necklace jewellery design would look great worn with a white T Shirt and jeans or again that little black dress.


 So why should we choose semi-precious stone jewellery to accessories our outfits?

 If you choose to purchase a piece of semi-precious jewellery from Making A Statement Jewellery UK you know that firstly you are buying a quality piece hat has been handcrafted from a selection of semi-precious natural stones where there has been lots of attention to detail. Unique designs only to be found here so you know when you were one of my unique jewellery designs you will not see anyone else wearing the same piece and if the design is not completely what you are looking I am able to alter the piece or create a new unique handmade jewellery design of your own. If you are the type of woman that is unique and original and likes something that is a little bit special I am sure that my collection of semi-precious stone designs will have something to offer you.

 We have all heard the saying that you never ever get the second chance to make the first impression and this is because the first impression is so important as this is the one that is remembered. We are all judged by our appearance and the way e look and we all judge other by the same so its is worth taking that little extra time if we would like to make the right impression. Unique statement jewellery can make that statement that we are unique and original, handmade semi-precious jewellery designs can show the world that you have your own unique style and my pieces are timeless and will never date so are all good investments as they are going to be able to be worn for years to come.

Chunky Turquoise and Carnelian semi-precious jewellery bracelet handmade in UK

I have used a large oval bead of the stunning semi-precious stone Val Verdi Turquoise as he focal point for this statement jewellery design. I have set this Val Verdi bead in the centre of Carnelian beads and between each of the Carnelian beads I have set a teal coloured small glass spacer bead and this is to compliment the natural colour of the Turquoise. I have threaded all these beads onto a strong elastic so that the bracelet can be worn close to the wrist the way that you would wear a watch


 So you can see why there is no better way to show your own individuality and to portray your unique and original style than adding semi-precious jewellery designs as your accessories. If you decide to purchase your handmade semi-precious stone jewellery from Making A Statement Jewellery UK you can wear it with pride knowing that it has been handcrafted lovingly from beautiful semi-precious stones, Semi-precious beads and pendants are used to create by hand these unusual designs.

 It is very true that your choice of a piece of jewellery created from semi-precious stones can represent the person that you are on the inside. You can be subtle or you can make more of a statement with larger chunkier pieces showing your character and my designs can be worn for a special formal occasions or they can be worn for something more casual or to add some elegance to the office suite.

For that reason, no mater what your style is or how you want to project yourself to the world choosing the right piece of handmade semi-precious jewellery does not have to be a problem. In my collection at Making A Statement Jewellery UK you will find a full collection of earrings, bracelets and necklaces.






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