Rose Quartz Earrings just one of many semi-precious stone earring jewellery designs available, pink Rose Quartz statement earrings


A collection of Rose Quartz earring designs, semi-precious pink jewellery handmade in the UK, unique and original jewellery earrings with a statement unique jewellery designs set with pearls and crystals.

Just a few of the many Rose Quartz jewellery earring design that you can find in my collection of handmade earrings simply by following the links at the top of the page, 

Pretty Rose Quartz earrings a pretty and simple semi-precious jewellery design


These pretty Rose Quartz semi-precious earrings are a simple statement jewellery design that have been handmade from a wavy disc of Rose Quartz. His semi-precious bead has been framed with small sterling silver beads and these then all hang from sterling silver earring hooks. This is a pair of handmade earrings that re going to look great worn on there own or you can team them up with one of my other statement jewellery designs that have been handmade from this pretty pink semi-precious stone Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz is the stone of love so these pretty earrings would be a perfect gift for someone that is special to you.

Rose Quartz drop earrings with semi-precious Black Onyx and crystals 

The unique design for these long drop Rose Quartz earrings starts with a round semi-precious Rose Quartz bead and this forms the focal point for these long drop statement jewellery earrings. This pink semi-precious stone sits under a purple coloured faceted purple crystal bead and this in turn has been topped with a teardrop shaped bead of Black Onyx. The combination of these three beads look beautiful in this statement jewellery design and these long drop earrings are a unique design with only one pair being handmade. These UK statemenet earrings have a lot of movement and the crystal bead in the handcrafted semi-precious jewellery catches the light and sparkles beautifully when these rose quartz handmade earrings when worn,

Rose Quartz earrings set with rich cream coloured freshwater pearls

The combination of the rich cream coloured freshwater pearls with the semi-precious Rose Quartz in these handmade Rose Quartz earrings is perfect and so feminine. The design is simple showing the pretty pink bead and the rich freshwater pearl off to there best advantage. The earrings are going to look stunning worn against a dark colour like black, navy blue and brown and then they are going to look so pretty when worn with pale colours like white, cream and pale blue and green. This semi-precious jewellery design is a limited edition piece and only 5 pairs have been handmade of this rose quartz pretty pink earring design. Like all the pieces of handmade jewellery that you are able to purchase from Making A Statement jewellery these earrings of Rose Quartz and pearls will come presented to you in a gift box.

Semi-precious Rose Quartz drop earrings with a statement and pearls



Semi-precious Rose Quartz works well with many other semi-precious stones and always looks dramatic when it has been placed with Black Onyx as with these statement jewellery earrings. These are similar to the other long Rose Quartz drop earrings I have shown you but with this pair I have spaced the Black Onyx bead and the semi-precious pink Rose Quartz bead with a freshwater pearl. The soft cream colour of the freshwater pearl bring these two natural stones beautifully. I have many Rose Quartz earrings in my collection of unique and unusual designs some crated only from this lovely pink natural stone and others where I have added some other semi-precious stones.


Rose Quartz earrings set with a crystal to add some sparkle to your life. 

If you would like to add a little bit of sparkle to your life then these pretty earrings have been set with a faceted purple crystal roundel. At the base of the semi-precious jewellery design sits a round pink Rose Quartz bead and this has been topped with a sparkly crystal bead. With this handmade Rose Quartz earring design I have used sterling silver beads and earring hooks.

Rose Quartz plays a major part in the world of crystal healing and this pretty pink semi-precious stone has many quality's and I love to work with it in my handcrafted statement jewellery designs. I have other pieces crafted from this natural stone and as well as earrings you will find many unique necklace designs and individually crafted bracelets where Rose Quartz has been used to create both one of a kind and limited edition designs.




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