Semi-precious Amethyst Jewellery with statement


I love working with semi-precious Amethyst in my unique statement necklace jewellery designs, bracelets and earrings. I love the natural purple and lilac colours in the Amethyst


Above you can see just a few of the handmade one of a kind jewellery designs that have been handcrafted from this lovely purple and lilac coloured semi-precious stone. I have many more unique and unusual designs and all of these can be found by following the links at the top of the page.

 So what is Amethyst?

Amethyst is a semi-precious crystal that can be found in colours from deep purple to lilac and is a beautiful semi-precious stone that I use in many of my unique statement jewellery designs. This natural stone gains its from the impurities of the mineral iron that makes up its structure. This crystal quartz can sometimes have very sharp edges but is easy to cut. In my semi-precious Amethyst jewellery designs you will see that I have used both polished cut stones and also nuggets. I do like using the irregular shaped Amethyst nuggets in my statement jewellery designs

Statement Amethyst Jewellery set with semi-precious orange coral

Above you can see some of the unusual semi-precious pieces of Amethyst jewellery that I have handcrafted from chunky nuggets of this stunning dark purple stone that I love so much. I love that each of these nuggets are a little bit different in shape and the deep purple of the Amethyst compliments the bright orange of these semi-precious Coral beads. I have also alternated the angular shaped Amethyst nuggets with smooth roundels of the bright orange coral and this works perfectly as a contrast with these designs. All of these unique Amethyst jewellery designs are unique pieces with only one being made of each and I have other handmade semi-precious stone earrings, bracelets and necklaces in my semi-precious statement jewellery collection that have Amethyst stones in the unique jewellery designs.

The Amethyst Crystals are found in the cavity's of rocks and when these rocks are broken open there you will find these stunning Amethyst crystals

Here you can see an example. 


Scientists have not been able to say 100% why and ho these stunning purple crystals are formed but one of the theories is that the crystals are formed during volcanic activity's. It is thought that when the lava starts to cool down and air bubble is trapped inside the rock. It does not really matter how this semi-precious stone is formed as it is now available to use and I am able to use it in my unique semi-precious Amethyst jewellery designs.

Amethyst is derived from the Greek word Ametusthos and this word means “not intoxicated” and like many of the Greek words this has its foundation in Greek legend.

It has been said that the Greek God of wine Bacchus made a decree that the first person that he was next to see would be eaten up alive by tigers to avenge himself over an insult from one of the other gods. The first person that he was to see was a beautiful young girl that was travelling in her way to worship at the shrine of the Goddess Diana.

This young girls name was Amethyst, when the Tigers attacked this young girl she prayed to the Goddess Diana for help and protection and on hearing her pleas for help Diana turned her into a white crystal. It was at this point that Bacchus regretted his actions and made an offering by pouring grape juice over the white crystal and this is said how we come to get the stunning semi-precious stone Amethyst. I love learning about the ledgens and folklore behind the semi-precious stones that I use in my handcrafted one of a kind jewellery designs and this tale just adds to the beauty of my handmade Amethyst jewellery.


Two Amethyst necklace jewellery designs in my collection 


Here are two examples of my amethyst handmade jewellery necklaces were I have combined both the deep purple coloured Amethyst and the paler lilac coloured semi-precious Amethyst. In the first example of semi-precious jewellery I have used nuggets of the deep purple coloured Amethyst and also long rice shaped beads that have been faceted and these are in a paler lilac colour. I like to use a combination of both the paler and the deeper Amethyst in my handmade Amethyst jewellery designs. Each of these semi-precious stones has been spaced with a freshwater pearl. In the second Amethyst jewellery necklace design I have used again a combination of both the Amethyst nuggets and the long semi-precious Amethyst rice shaped beads but to add some extra contrast and colour to this unique statement jewellery piece I have added some large round smooth polished Agate beads in a dark green colour.


There are very many interesting myths and legends that are associated with Amethyst but the reason I choose to use the this stunning semi-precious stone in my unique Amethyst jewellery designs is because of its beauty and rich colour. If you do not see a piece of handmade Amethyst jewellery among my collection at Making A Statement Jewellery then just contact me and I will do my best to help you







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