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What do I mean when I say unique jewellery handmade in the UK ? Well my definition is that there should be just one piece of the  UK handcrafted semi-precious jewellery design and that this piece of unusual handmade jewellery UK designed should not be able to be purchased anywhere else. Most of my designs are unique one of a kind pieces and are clearly described as being unique. My other designs are limited edition designs and most of these pieces have only 5 pieces or less handmade of the design.

Examples of my unique jewellery handmade in the UK

Earrings are a part of my unique jewellery collection

When I say that my unusual jewellery designs have been handcrafted in the UK that means that all these pieces you see at Making A Statement Jewellery have been handmade by myself and none of the designs have been manufactured on mass.

For obvious reasons I have had to source my materials from all over the world as the United Kingdom does not have the semi-precious stones available to create my unique jewellery designs.

Many semi-precious stones have been used to create these unique jewellery designs and and as you can see in the three unique semi-precious jewellery examples above I have unique earrings, unique bracelets and unique necklaces all available from Making A Statement jewellery UK. The unique earring jewellery design has been handmade from large semi-precious Jasper beads and this jasper has a grey coloured base with natural black lines and I have topped these large natural stones with black onyx beads and to add some colour to this unusual jewellery design I have framed this semi-precious onyx bead with bright red coloured coral beads. I do have some other semi-precious jewellery earrings that have been handmade from this combination of semi-precious stones but these earrings are a unique jewellery design and this design will not be repeated again.

Many necklaces available in unusual jewellery designs 

With the long handmade necklace I have used large semi-precious natural stones in different colours and different shapes to create the unique jewellery necklace. You can see with this design that I have also added some stunning handcrafted glass lampwork beads. I occasionally add lampwork and murano glass beads to my handmade jewellery designs especially if I can find some thing that is a little bit unusual and these glass beads with there golden amber and brown colour are a perfect addition to this long semi-precious stone necklace unique in design. Again only one piece has been crafted by hand of this design.  The amber colour of the murano bead particularity compliments the golden amber colour of the semi-precious Carnelian nuggets used in the unique necklace jewellery design and the brown in the glass bead enhances the natural browns of the semi-precious Tigers Eye that I have used in this unusual handmade jewellery design.

My handmade unique jewellery has many semi-precious stone bracelets

 Semi-precious bracelets also play apart in my collection of unique jewellery and this semi-precious Tigers Eye bracelet is one of my unique handmade jewellery designs. In the centre of this piece I have placed a large wavy disc of semi-precious Tigers Eye. Because of the cut of the Tigers Eye stone it catches the light perfectly and show this semi-precious stone off to its best advantage.

This is an elasticated bracelet so that it will fit most wrist sizes and in this unusual handmade jewellery design I have added cut crystal beads in a rich amber colour and the colour of these sparkly crystals compliment the natural amber colours in the semi-precious Tigers Eye

 Here are just a few of the unique jewellery designs on sale at making A Statement Jewellery UK and there may have been many more added






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