So what is handmade jewellery UK unusual in design?


I would say that handmade jewellery are pieces that have all been crafted by hand with no machinery being used, unusual jewellery are designs that are not found in abundance. All of my designs are handmade jewellery and each piece has been crafted by hand by myself here in the UK.



Designing my handmade jewellery

As I have said before I have been creating uniue handcrafted jewellery for many years and I have always tried to keep my designs unique and original. I have always liked things that are a little bit different and never followed a crowd and I hope that this shows in my handcrafted jewellery designs.

I know work mainly with semi-precious stones but over the years I have created unusual jewellery from glass, wooden, paper and cloth beads and pendants but now I use semi-precious stones. Statement jewellery is a description of jewellery that is very popular at the moment and I think too widely used. I would class my handmade jewellery designs as statement jewellery as “making a statement” is saying that you are unique, an individual, that you make choices of your own and I do not see how you can do this if you are wearing mass produced designs bought on the highstreet that have been manufactured by the thousand.

Many things influence my handmade jewellery designs and the main thing is the semi-precious stone that I am working with. Its a bit like the egg and the chicken what came first the stone or the design? Sometimes I have a unique jewellery design in my head and I then search for the semi-precious stones to create my unique jewellery design.

I work from a small studio and I have all my semi-precious stones around me in boxes so there is always inspiration for my unusual jewellery handcrafted in the UK. I have a large selection of semi-precious stones that I have sourced from around the world trying to find beads and pendants that other people are not using in their designs.

Some of the semi-precious stones that I use in my handmade jewellery designs are Tigers Eye, Amethyst, Amazonite, Rose Quartz, Blaqck Onyx and many more.

Some handmade jewellery designs that I have created myself

Above I am showing 3 handcrafted jewellery necklace designs that I have created from a stunning range of semi-precious stones. These examples show you how I have tried to use an unusual mix of semi-precious stones. The necklace in the centre of this collection has been created from three large rectangular shaped beads of Red Jade and to enhance the deep red colour of these semi-precious stones I have framed each of these large chunky beads with semi-precious Black Onyx and between these I have placed cracked agate beads and these add some extra contrast the the handmade jewellery design. The handmade semi precious gemstone earrings are a simple design and I have let the shape of the semi-precious stones influence the designs, these earrings have a large square cube of the dark blue sparkly blue goldstone at the base and on the top of this sits faceted nugget of Amethyst. The purple and the blue work perfectly together. This unique other unique jewellery necklace is a unique handcrafted jewellery design that has a large wavy bead of semi-precious Blue fluorite as the focal point of this pieces of jewellery handmade into a unique design. This was the last one I have of this stone so I was looking for something That would compliment the natural colours of this semi-precious stone and to this one of a kind unusual jewellery design I decided to add Aqua Quartz and clear quartz beads. All these beads are clear so I needed a stone that would contrast these so that is why I decided to add the black cracked agate to the unique handmade jewellery design.





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