My semi-precious jewellery is now on sale in Created in Yorkshire Wakefield


I am now selling my unique semi-precious jewellery designs at Created in Yorkshire. Among some of the unusual crafts you will find on sale are handmade jewellery, handmade glass wear, fashion, home wear, candles and lot's lot's more.

I have some of my unique semi-precious handmade jewellery designs on sale at a great shop in Wakefield. The shop is called created in Yorkshire and the name says it all, everything that is on sale in this store has been created in Yorkshire and I sell my handmade jewellery in this unique store along with around 30 other small business people that are all selling there handmade goods.

I was working in the store on Friday with one of the ladies that makes beautiful candles these are all made from soya wax so smell and burn beautifully and I had a great day working with her and Lynne was also in. Lynne is the lady that keeps us all in check. LOL



This is one of the lovely candles that Sue has made inside a pretty tea cup, this would look so pretty on the table for afternoon tea and this just one of the designs of candles that she has for sale at Created in Yorkshire. It was a lovely day getting to know her and look forward to working with her again. It is nice to discus other peoples crafts other than my own semi-precious jewellery

It is a couple of weeks since I have been working in created in Yorkshire and I have noticed that a few more crafts have been added and one of these is these lovely origami books. They are so cleverly done with the paper folding creating words in the pages of the book. That sound strange as there are obviously words on the pages of the book but this photo will show you what I mean

Created in Yorkshire always has lot's to offer and the one thing that I could not fail to see was the new furniture that is the lovely furniture that is now in store. This photo shows one of the larger pieces that is in the shop but there are other pieces available and I am sure that she will do commissions so if you have a piece of furniture that you feel needs a new lease of life why not pop into the shop and have a look

I feel so privileged having my semi-precious jewellery on sale in Created in Yorkshire this Wakefield based shop and if you would like to come and see the semi-precious jewellery that I have for sale then pop on buy. Created in Yorkshire is situated on the upper mall of the Riddings shopping centre in Wakefield and can not be missed as it is directly opposite Marks and Spencers.





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