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Some unique handmade jewellery designs found on the catwalk this season

If we look at the handmade jewellery designs that could be seen on this springs catwalk we can see an eclectic mix of unique jewellery designs. High end semi-precious jewellery, unusual statement jewellery produced by leading fashion designers, are these designs that will be worn or are they just for the catwalk

 This time I am not going to show you my own unique handmade jewellery but I am going to show you some of the unique and original jewellery designs that were being shown on the catwalk. I will show you a collection of some of the unusual statement jewellery designs ans I do not think that it will be long before you will be seeing cheap intimation of these unique statement pieces appearing on the highstreet. You will never see cheap imitations at Making A Statement Jewellery UK

In the first of these magnificent handmade jewellery designs we can see a chunky statement necklace and this has been created from large semi-precious Black Agate beads, if I was going to design a piece of unique statement jewellery then this chunky black necklace is something that I would like to create. If you look closely at this statement necklace you will see a large chunky druzy quartz nugget. The druzy quartz is where the agate semi-precious agate has been opened and the natural crystals are on show in the natural form and these large chunky nuggets are a stunning addition to any piece of handmade jewellery. This black chunky necklace looks dramatic against the black outfit that the model is wearing

The next piece of handmade jewellery is a bracelet design and this has a boho feel, a little bit unusual and the focal point for this unique jewellery design are colourfully tassels and these tassels have been handcrafted from silk in bright colours. The designer here has not relied on semi-precious stones to create this unusual jewellery design but has used natural silks and metal beads to create this piece of handmade jewellery. I love the mix of colours and textures with this piece and as denim is much in fashion at the moment I should imagine that this handmade bracelet jewellery design will work well with the denim and also to add to a boho look this handcrafted bracelet will look amazing with white cotton.

The unusual handmade earrings jewellery design that you see next is simple and in the picture you can see that the model is wearing just one earring which was a style that could be seen on many models on the catwalk. This wear of wearing handmade jewellery is a statement that I used to make many years ago in the 1980's. The appearance of this model is quite austere and she does not look as if she is having much fun I do hope that when people are wearing my handmade jewellery designs they appear to be enjoying the experience a little bit more. I know that this look is for the catwalk but unusual jewellery designs should be enjoyed.

Then we see the stacking bracelets and I do not think that there is anything new with this handmade jewellery design as the stacking bracelets have been around for a while now. If you look closely at these bracelet designs you can see that they are actually large chunky chain bracelets and between these chain links have been threaded leather and cloth in different colours. The handcrafted jewellery bracelets are not only different colours but also different widths and if you have a look at the top that the model is wearing it has been created from a fabric that has a rectangular design and if you look closely at the unique jewellery bracelets the rectangular colours created from the threaded leather makes mirrors this design. Who ever has put this ensemble together has been very clever with there choice of handmade jewellery

Would we choose to wear these handmade jewellery designs?

We see these unique handmade statement jewellery designs being worn by the glamorous model on the catwalk but would we wear them ourselves?



 If you are looking for a necklace to make a statement then this gold handmade jewellery is going to do that and I am not sure yet if I like this piece but this maybe that my love of jewellery designs lays with semi-precious jewellery but this large gold statement jewellery design is a real Marmite piece you either like it or you don't. I am not sure which came first the choice of the dress or the choice of the statement jewellery necklace as they are a perfect combination with the large square pendant of this unique handmade jewellery design fitting perfectly into the square necklace line of the dress and the dress has gold embellishments that compliment the gold colour of the handcrafted jewellery necklace. I would like to know your opinion on this pieces of large unique jewellery

The next three pieces of handmade jewellery that I am giving as examples are all bracelets but are all unique and unusual and each of these designs have an uniqueness and individuality of there won. The first bracelet is dimple and stylish and a unique semi-precious jewellery design that is not going to date and would look good worn with any outfit. This handmade jewellery design is basic a round chunky disc of sterling silver and from this hangs a sphere of blue semi-precious stone. The designer has teamed this bracelet up with a denim dress and as I said earlier denim is high fashion at the moment but this unusual jewellery bracelet could be worn with most any outfit and I am sure that the semi-precious stone is going to catch the light beautifully as it will move when it is worn.

The second of these bracelets is a piece of handmade jewellery that has been created to compliment the fabric of the dress. This is a cuff bracelet that is bold in design and is certainly an unusual piece of statement jewellery. I love the large red bold flower design with the black background.

The last of the handmade jewellery designs is a bracelet that has been handcrafted from wood and is very geometrical in design. I love the different shades of wood that have been used in this unique jewellery design. I think that the wood is goint to look great when worn with natural fabrics like linen.



These next pieces of handmade jewellery have all been created from colourful semi-precious stones, the first model is wearing a pair of earrings that are two different lengths which make them a unique jewellery designs and something a little bit special. They are both different but both of the earrings have the same design theme and this design will certainly make you look twice. I love it.

The second model has also odd earrings in with both of these pieces of handmade jewellery being bold in colour, the models hair has been held back to show these unique earrings to there best advantage.

The third model in this group is wearing many pieces of handmade jewellery created from a large range of colourful semi-precious stones. Necklaces have been layered up together and are worn from tight on the throat to the cleavage and long chandelier earrings have been added to this collection, I like the way that all these pieces of semi-precious jewellery have been worn with a military style outfit.

The last of the necklace designs is stunning, statement jewellery at its best, this handmade jewellery necklace is large and magnificent and has been chosen to be worn with an outfit of in bronze to compliment the metal that has been used in this unusual jewellery design.



The next 3 examples of unique handmade jewellery are all a little bit more delicate in design.

The first piece is a handcrafted necklace created from gold and a gold branch sits across the front of the models throat and is held in place with a gold chain. From this gold branch hangs a gold label

The second necklace is very BoHo with its crystals and its gold chains and this handmade jewellery design is going to look great worn with the summer whites and all the feminine summer clothes. The large chunks of crystal in this unique jewellery necklace are going to catch the light perfectly and there will be a lot of movement with this handcrafted necklace with the delicate chain work.

I have added this last pair of earrings for a little bit of fun. They remind me of a pair of earrings that I used to have back in the 80's among my collection of handmade jewellery, they are large but will only be light to wear because the discs of these large earrings have been made from acrylic.


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