New pieces of semi-precious jewellery added to my collection today 22nd May


These are the latest handmade jewellery design that have been added to my collection of semi-precious gemstone jewellery today, jasper unique jewellery earrings, handcrafted jewellery earrings, unique semi-precious necklace set with pearls, pearl earrings and bracelet, jewellery handcrafted in the UK and all new to my forever growing collection of semi-precious jewellery

Semi-precious jewellery earrings, long Jasper earrings, unique handmade jewellery

These long Jasper earrings are he first thing that I added to my semi-precious jewellery earring collection today.

These are a long and elegant handmade jewellery design and at the base of these unique earrings sits a 25mm round discs of Jasper. This natural Jasper semi-precious stone has a grey base colour with black and dark grey marking, one of the things that I like about Jasper is that each of the beads and pendants that come in this gemstone are all different.

I have placed this disc of Jasper under 3 round beads of the semi-precious gemstone Black Onyx and with this handmade jewellery design I have used sterling silver hooks.

With this semi-precious jewellery design the black of the semi-precious Black Onyx compliments the natural markings in the Jasper.

These long Jasper earrings are a unique jewellery design.

 Amazonite handmade jewellery necklace, Amazonite semi-precious jewellery design


Amazonite is a lovely duck egg blue coloured semi-precious gemstone and I use it in may of my semi-precious jewellery design. This necklace is a unique one of kind design and with this piece of Amazonite handmade jewellery design I have added the sparkly blue semi-precious Blue Goldstone, peacock blue freshwater pearls and blue crystal beads.

I have used a teardrop pendant of semi-precious Amazoite for this unique jewellery design and this sits under a chunky block of Blue Goldstone. The deep blue colour of the sparkly Blue Goldstone enhances the softer blue colour of the Amazonite beautifully.

This pendant then sits on a handmade jewellery necklace crated from semi-precious Amazonite beads and between these beads I have placed soft dusky peacock coloured freshwater pearls, some round beads of the semi-precious Blue Goldstone.

The colour combinations in this semi-precious jewellery design work beautifully together and to add a little bit more sparkle to this unique handmade jewellery design I have added some crystal beads, this is a unique semi-precious jewellery design so only one piece has been made.

Freshwater pearl semi-precious jewellery designs, handmade jewellery with pearls

Summer is just around the corner and this semi-precious jewellery design is perfect to wear with the summer dresses and with the peacock pearls that have been set into this unique handmade jewellery design.

The unique necklace that you can see has been handmade fro the semi-precious stone White Jade and in the centre of this White Jade necklace I have placed five large peacock blue coloured freshwater pearls and each of these have been spaced with a small round soft white freshwater pearl. These pearls form the focus for the handcrafted jewellery design.

The unique semi-precious gemstone necklace continues with round and teardrop shaped White Jade beads and each of these have been spaced with white pearl beads.

With this semi-precious jewellery design I have used a sterling silver hook and eye clasp and this white jade necklace is a unique semi-precious gemstone jewellery design.

The earrings that I have handmade to compliment this unique semi-precious jewellery necklace design have one of the larger peacock blue coloured freshwater pearls topped with a soft white pearl bead. I have spaced these with silver beads and with these handmade jewellery earrings I have used sterling silver earring hooks.

More freshwater pearl jewellery added to my colletion of handmade jewellery designs

These two pieces of handmade jewellery are going to compliment the white jade semi-precious jewellery necklace that I have just shown you.

The long pearl earrings are a unique jewellery design with only one pair being made. They are long and elegant and a stunning addition to my collection of pearl and semi-precious jewellery.

The bracelet is also a unique jewellery design and this has been handcrafted from alternating peacock blue and soft white pearls and each of these have been spaced with sterling silver beads.

With this handmade jewellery design I have used an extending sterling silver toggle clasp so that the bracelet will fit most wrist lengths and I use this toggle clasp in many of my unique semi-precious jewellery bracelet deigns.









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