Chunky semi-precious necklace, Turquoise, Jade, Lapis Lazuli semi-precious jewellery and earrings


In this selection of handmade semi-precious jewellery designs I am showing you a chunky semi-precious necklace design that I have handmade from the beautiful semi-precious stones Turquoise. Lapis Lazuli, White Jade and among these chunky semi-precious stones I have set sparkly crystals.

This necklace is a unique semi-precious necklace design one of many in my collection and if you would like this chunky design and would like to see more take a look at other chunky necklaces

I love the colour combinations in the chunky semi-precious necklace designs, The deep blue colour of the chunky semi-precious Lapis Lazuli beads work perfectly with the lighter blue of the chunky semi-precious Turquoise beads.

Both of these natural blue colours are enhanced as they are set against the white of the White Jade.

With this chunky semi-precious necklace design I have added some faceted crystal beads so that when this semi-precious necklace catches the light there will be a little bit of a sparkle.

The chunky necklace is just one of many semi-precious jewellery designs that are available in a large range of semi-precious necklaces here

These are two pairs of earrings that I have handmade to compliment the semi-precious chunky necklace design.

One of the handmade jewellery designs is a limited edition and the other pair of earrings is a one of a kind design and you can see more unique earring designs here

With the limited edition earrings I have set a round semi-precious White Jade bead under a round Turquoise bead and these simple earring design will compliment the chunky semi-precious necklace with out detracting from the unique handmade jewellery design. These will compliment other pieces of my semi-precious jewellery where I have used this combination of natural stones.

I have placed a large round Sterling Silver hoop on large sterling silver hearing hoops and from these I have hung round turquoise beads.

This collection of handmade earrings, and chunky semi-precious necklace are just one of many handmade jewellery designs in my collection





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