Amethyst necklaces UK Handmade Jewellery in Unique Designs


A selection of Amethyst Necklace all UK designed and crafted from the beautiful semi-precious stone Amethyst. You look here for my full collection of Amethyst Jewellery designs

This couple of Amethyst necklaces are just a couple of this pieces of handmade Amethyst jewellery in my full collection and this you can see by following the link above.

Amethyst is a stunning semi-precious stone and comes in shade from deep purple to delicate lilac and I use both of these shades in my UK crafted Amethyst necklaces.

semi-precious amethst necklace uk crafted handmade jewellery

I love this Amethyst necklace UK designed as I think that it shows the deep purple coloured Amethyst at its best. With this unique jewellery design I have used chunky nuggets of Amethyst and these have been faceted so that they will catch the light perfectly.

With this Uk designed necklace I have placed these nuggets of Amethyst between freshwater pearls, with this handmade jewellery design I have chosen a peacock coloured pearl and the natural colours of these freshwater pearls compliments the deep purple of the Amethyst perfectly. This Amethyst necklace is a unique jewellery design with only one created, one of many unique amethyst necklaces UK designed and crafted

handcrafted amethyst necklaces uk made unique jewellery

I am always on the lookout for unusual shaped semi-precious stones and when I found these double drilled deep lilac coloured Amethyst beads that I have used in this unique UK Amethyst necklace design. With this handmade Amethyst Necklace UK crafted I have created a pendant for the focal point for this handmade jewellery design. These bands of semi-precious Amethyst are chunky and wavy and each of these are slightly different in shape another reason I like them so much. I have spaced each of the Amethyst beads with small freshwater pearls and this Amethyst necklace continues with peacock coloured freshwater pearls, these are the same pearls that I have used in the previous Amethyst necklace. Again for the same reasons as these pearls compliment the semi-precious Amethyst perfectly. A unique jewellery design this Amethyst UK designed necklace can be found in my unique necklace selection and my Amethyst Jewellery collection


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