Necklaces with Paua Shell, unique jewellery designs


Unique necklaces handmade with Paua Shell. A selection of handmade jewellery necklaces where the stunning paua Shell has been used to create stunning pieces of this stunning natural Paua Shell. These and all my other unique necklaces can be seen here

Here I am showing you 4 unique necklaces with Paua Shell as the focal point for the handmade jewellery design. All these Paua Shell necklaces have a pendant as a focal point for the design.unique neclace with paus shell beads and pendanthandmade paua shell necklace design

 I know that I work with semi-precious stones but I can not resist the stunning natural colours in Paua Shell and I sometimes add the stunning Paua Shell to my necklaces and other handmade jewellery designs. These two necklaces with paua Shell have been handcrafted from a combination of Paua Shell, semi-precious stones and sterling silver.

In the first of these necklaces with Paua Shell I have used a block of Paua shell as the focal point for the unique jewellery design and this I have placed under a block of Blue Goldstone. I have chosen Blue Goldstone to add to this Paua Shell necklace as this brings out the blue of the Paua Shell just one of the beautiful natural blue of this stunning shell. These two need to be seen together to see how beautiful they are. This Paua Shell pendant sits on a unique jewellery necklace set with paua Shell beads. This handmade jewellery necklace has been created from Sterling Silver tubes.

The next of these unique necklaces with Paua Shell also has a pendant and this has been created from a combination of the two semi-precious stones Blue Goldstone and Green Aventurine. These have been topped with a highly polished band of Paua Shell. This Paua Shell necklace is also a unique jewellery design and the green and blue of the semi-precious stones in this necklace with Paua Shell are amazing.

paua shell necklace with semi-precious stonesunique paua shell necklace with amazonite

 Here are another couple of my handmade jewellery necklaces with Paua Shell. Another pendant necklace design where a long pendant has been created by placing bands of paua Shell one on top of the other and spacing them with sterling silver spacer beads. These paua Shell bands sit under a double drilled bead of the semi-precious stone Blue Fluorite. This Paua Shell necklace is a unique jewellery design. This Paua Shell jewellery necklace continues with semi-precious Amazonite beads and fastens with a sterling silver hook.

The last of the Paua Shell necklaces is a limited edition handmade jewellery design and this unique jewellery necklace with Paua Shell has a large diamond shaped rainbow Obsidian bead as the focal point for the handmade jewellery design. To complement the diamond shaped semi-precious bead I have added diamond shaped Paua Shell beads into the necklace. The black of the semi-precious stones look very dramatic against the bright natural colours of the Paua Shell.

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