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Some of my handmade jewellery designs, Mookaite necklaces created from this beautiful semi-precious stones, these unique jewellery necklaces are one of a kind designs and all my handmade necklaces are seen here

Mookaite is just one of the many natural semi-precious stones that I use to create my unusual handcrafted semi-precious stones that I use in my unique jewellery designs

unique mookaite necklace set with quartzmookaite necklce with bib design

 he first of these semi-precious Mookaite necklace designs is a unique jewellery and a long necklace. With this handmade jewellery necklace I have added other semi-precious beads to the Mookaite to create this long necklace. this necklace of mookaite beads also has long Smoky Quartz beads added chunky nuggets of Mother of Pearl and these natural stones compliment the natural colours of the semi-precious Mookaite perfectly. This is a semi-precious stone that is truly unique with each of the beads being different from each other and the natural colours of the Mookaite compliment many of the other semi-precious stones.

The second of the Mookaite necklaces is a much shorter design and in the centre of this necklace of Mookaite I have placed a bib of Mother of Pearl. This Mother of pearl bib sits in the centre of a necklace of Mookaite beads.

 handmade mookaite necklaces with a pendantsemi-precious mookaite pendant necklace

Here you see a unique Mookaite necklace and a limited edition designs necklace of mookaite. Both of these handmade jewellery designs have a long pendant that has been created from double drilled bands of the semi-precious stone Mookaite and each of these semi-precious beads have been spaced with sterling silver spacer beads.

One of these pendants sits on a necklace of silver tubes set with Mookaite beads and the other Mookaite pendant sits on a Mookaite necklace handmade from round semi-precious beads.

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