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Let me show you a few of my long drop Turquoise earring designs. These unique jewellery designs have been handmade from semi-precious Turquoise beads, long drop earrings unique in design, you are able to see these Turquoise earrings and other semi-precious earrings in my selection of long drop earrings here

If it is Turquoise earrings you are looking for these are just a sample of the designs that are available to you by simply clicking on the link above.

unique lng drop turquoise earringslong drop turquoise earrings semi-precious beads

 The first two pairs of long drop Turquoise earrings I am showing you are unique jewellery designs and I have only made  pair of each of these long drop earring designs. In both of these handmade jewellery designs I have used teardrop shaped semi-precious Turquoise beads and the colour of these natural semi-precious stones is a lovely delicate blue colour. One of these long Turquoise earring designs has simply been handmade from the teardrop shaped beads and with the other Turquoise jewellery earring design I have added an opal quartz bead which compliments the Turquoise perfectly. Each of this handmade jewellery earring designs has sterling silver earring hooks.  

long turquoise drop earrings uksemi-precious lng drop earrings handmade jewellery

Both of these handmade jewellery designs are unique and unusual and the long Turquoise earrings have been set with other semi-precious stones. One of these long drop Turquoise earring designs has been handmade from a set of square shaped semi-precious Turquoise beads and these graduate in size. This is a deep blue Turquoise and to compliment this I have set a bright red coral teardrop shaped bead at the base of these drop earrings.

The focal point for the last of these long drop Turquoise earrings is a rectangular Turquoise bead and this is a natural deep blue colour. To enhance this natural blue colour of the Turquoise this bead sits under a disc of the stunning paua Shell. At the base of these long Turquoise earrings I have set another of these beautiful Paua Shell discs and beautiful peacock  coloured freshwater pearls


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