Semi-precious earrings, necklaces, bracelets unique statement jewellery

Each of these handmade semi-precious jewellery designs are unique, only one piece has been made of each design. 

Here I will show you some of my semi-precious earrings, semi-precious necklaces, semi-precious bracelets handmade jewellery designs that are unique and original with only one piece being handcrafted of each design.

Here are some examples of some of my handmade jewellery necklace designs

unique handmade necklace jewellery UK madefreshwater pearl semi-precious amethyst handcrafted jewellerymoss agate red aventurine semi-precious jewellery

The first of my unique necklace designs has been handmade from a collection of beautiful semi-precious stones.The focal point for this handmade jewellery design is a  large rectangular shaped semi-precious Blue Fluorite beads, these are the best of the semi-precious stone Fluorite

I have framed this semi-precious Fluorite bead with two round beads of Black Cracked Agate, this Agate has a lovely finish with a lot of texture and this has been achieved with these natural semi-precious stones being heated and I have used these in many of my handmade jewellery designs.

This unique jewellery necklace continues with long elegant Aqua Quartz beads and these natural semi-precious stones have been faceted and to add some design interest to this handcrafted jewellery design I have spaced these gemstones with a small round faceted rock Crystal bead.

The unusual jewellery continues with alternating round cracked Black Agate beads and round semi-precious Amazonite beads, The beautiful natural duck egg blue colour of these semi-precious stones are a perfect compliment to the blue of the Fluorite. I love creating my unique handmade jewellery designs choosing the stones and spending time in my studio creating these handcrafted designs.

The second of the unique jewellery semi-precious necklaces has been handmade from freshwater pearls and this has been set with semi-precious Amethyst. This pieces of handmade jewellery has been made from pearls in different shades In the centre of this unusual necklace I have alternated beautiful peacock coloured and rich cranberry coloured pearls and in the centre of this unusual handcrafted jewellery design I have placed a faceted nugget of the stunning deep purple coloured semi-precious stone Amethyst.

This unique jewellery design continues with a rich cream coloured freshwater pearls and like all my unusual necklaces I have used a Sterling Silver hook and eye clasp as a fastener.

I love working with semi-precious stones in my jewellery handmade in the UK but I sometimes like to add pearls and crystals in the designs, this is one example of one of those unique designs.

The last of the unique necklace jewellery designs I have to show you is a long necklace handmade from a selection of rich earthy coloured semi-precious stones. This handmade jewellery design has been created from the following natural semi-precious stones, a deep green coloured Moss Agate, a stunning orange coloured Red Aventurine and a red/orange Coral bead. This handcrafted necklace is a longer length piece of unique jewellery handcrafted into a one of a kind necklace made by hand. The main part of this unusual design has been handmade from round semi-precious Moss Agate beads and between these I have placed rectangular shaped Red Aventurine beads and each of these have been framed with a semi-precious Coral bead. With this handmade jewellery design I have used silver bead caps which add lots of design interest to this design. These natural stones are some of my favourite but I guess they are all my favourites when I am working with them.

Handcrafted jewellery earrings unique one of a kind designs

long drop unique handcrafted earring jewelleryblack onyx paua shell handcrafted jewellery earringslong drop smoky quartz handmade earring jewellery

 I love making unique drop earrings and these 3 pair are some of my favourites and all these unique handmade jewellery designs have been created with semi-precious stones and crystals.

The first of these unique jewellery earrings have been created from the natural semi-precious stones, Smoky Quartz, Purple Jade and a bright orange Coral,

At the base of this unusual earring jewellery design sits a long rice shaped bead of the lovely semi-precious Smoky Quartz bead and I have placed this under a large bright orange coloured roundel of a bright orange coloured coral. on the top of this orange coloured bead I have placed a purple coloured Jade bead. With this handcrafted jewellery design I have used gold spacer beads and gold earring hooks, I have chosen to use a large shepherd hook style earring hook with this unique handmade earring design. I love to work with colour and the combination of the brown of the Smoky quartz, the purple of the Jade and the bright orange of the Coral are an unusual combination with this piece of jewellery handcrafted into a unique design.

The second pair of handcrafted drop earrings that you see again are a unique design with just one pair being made and with this unusual design I have used the semi-precious stone Black Onyx, the amazing Paua Shell and a faceted black crystal. At the base of the handmade jewellery design I have placed a round Black Onyx bead and on the top of this sits an oval bead of Paua Shell.

Paua Shell is one of the beautiful natural materials that I like to add to my unique jewellery designs, this stunning shell has amazing natural colours and when it is set next to black as with the semi-precious stone Black Onyx these natural colours are intensified. To add some sparkle to the handcrafted jewellery design I have topped the Paua shell bead with a faceted black crystal bead. This just adds a little bit of sparkle to the unusual jewellery design. Again sterling silver earring hooks have been used with this handmade design.

 The last of the unique earring designs that I have to show you have been handcrafted from the semi-precious stones cracked Agate, Moss Agate and Carnelian. At the base of these long drop earrings I have used a round cracked Agate bead as the focal point for the handmade jewellery design. I love these cracked Agate beads as they have a lot of texture and this has been achieved by the natural semi-precious stone being heated. This process makes each of these semi-precious beads unique and unusual.

This semi-precious cracked Agate bead drops under a stack of 3 semi-precious stones with a cracked Agate bead, a Moss Agate bead and a round faceted Carnelian bead. The combination of these natural stones work beautifully together each of the natural colours complementing each other. I love the way that Mother Natural produces so many stunning natural colours and I feel privileged to be able to use them in my unusual handmade jewellery designs.

Semi-Precious Stone Bracelets unusual handmade jewellery

quartz bracelet unusual handmade jewellery with agateunique jewellery bracelet handmade designgreen agate handcrafted jewellery bracelet with crystals

The first of these unique stunning bracelet designs has been handmade from a combination of the semi-precious stones Smoky Quartz and cracked Agate. The semi-precious Smoky Quartz nuggets that you see in this unusual bracelet have been faceted so that they catch the light and they have then been smooth polished so that when they move they will catch the light perfectly. These Smoky Quartz nuggets have been set between cracked Agate beads and the cracked Agate against the polished Smoky Quartz work beautifully together the contrast is stunning in this unique handmade jewellery design. This is one of my chunky unusual jewellery designs with its chunky semi-precious stones and this handmade jewellery bracelet has a sterling silver extending toggle clasp as a fastener so that this unique bracelet will fit most wrist sizes. Most of my semi-precious bracelets are either elasticated so they fit most wrist sizes or I use an extending clasp.

The second of these unique bracelet designs is one of my unusual charm bracelet designs and with this unusual handmade jewellery designs I have used a delicate sterling silver charm bracelet with this charm bracelet and used Sterling Silver wire to attach nuggets of Paua Shell to this unique jewellery design. This is a unique one of a kind handcrafted jewellery design

The last of the unique bracelets I have to show you has been handcrafted from large round beads of a dark green coloured Agate and these beads have been highly polished. Between each of these semi-precious stones I have placed a purple coloured crystal round. Purple and green are two colours that should probably not work together but look beautiful together in this handmade jewellery design.

Handmade jewellery from a hobby to a business

I am always being asked why I chose handcrafted jewellery as my buisness and I would probably say that it chose me. I have always for as long as I can remember made things and my earliest memory of creating jewellery was being sat at my Grandmother's kitchen table playing with her button tin and pieces of ribbon.

I have come along way since then and over the years I have used many different materials in the making of my unique jewellery designs, wood, plastics, cloth, various metals, porcelain, and glass have been some of the materials used but now I have come to use semi-precious stones in my handmade semi-precious jewellery designs. I love working with these beautiful natural stones  as all the beads and pendants I use in my handcrafted semi-precious jewellery designs are all unique and original.

Most of the jewellery handcrafted at Making A Statement Jewellery UK are unique one of a kind jewellery designs and everything else is a limited edition design.

I started with handmaking jewellery for gifts for family and friends and then it grew from there I started to take commissions and it just grew and grew. 8 years ago I set up my first online store to sell my handmade jewellery and just over a year ago I launched Making A Statement Jewellery UK

So why handmade unique jewellery?

Unique and unusual jewellery has become an essential part of our accessories collection and is loved by everyone that loves to accessories and add something unique to their outfit. Just one unique special piece of handmade jewellery can turn an ordinary outfit into something really special, something that will stand out from the crowd and make you noticed for all the right reasons.

 Unique and unusual jewellery has become an essential part of our accessories collection and is loved by everyone that loves to accessories and add something unique to their outfit. Just one unique special piece of handmade jewellery can turn an ordinary outfit into something really special, something that will stand out from the crowd and make you noticed for all the right reasons.

There are many different styles and variations in my handmade jewellery designs, I have chunky bold and bright statement pieces and I also have more delicate designs but whichever of these two different styles you may chose the one thing that they will have in common is here uniqueness.

Beaded necklace are apart of this handcrafted jewellery collection where these unique necklaces have been handcrafted from a selection of semi-precious beads, in my unusual jewellery designs I try to combine semi-precious stones in different types, shapes and sizes to add as much design interest to these pieces of unique jewellery handmade by myself. Over the years i have developed many different techniques in my jewellery making but if I was asked to try and explain any of my techniques I would say that when creating my handmade jewellery unique in design I let the stones speak to me.

Please feel free to take a look through all my handmade jewellery designs and if you look through my collection and do not see what you are looking for then I do offer a bespoke service so take a look through my unique jewellery designs and I will do my best to create for you your own unique handcrafted jewellery design.

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