Big, Bold, Long Chunky Stone Necklaces



Big, bold, long chunky stone necklaces

Here I can show you a collection of big, bold chunky stone necklaces handmade from a collection of large chunky semi-precious gemstones. In this long necklace collection you will see chunky necklace created from natural stones Carnelian, Turquoise, Agate, Jasper and Black Onyx. These are just a few of the big chunky gemstones that I use to create my long chunky stone necklace designs

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Long chunky stone necklaces with statement

The first necklace that I have to share with you is a long necklace design that has been created from the semi-precious stones Carnelian and Turquoise. This large chunky stones are a perfect combination and look beautiful together. In this long chunky stone necklace design you can see a large chunky disc of the semi-precious stone Carnelian as the focal point for the long necklace design. This chunky Carnelian stone is framed with large chunky Turquoise stones  and the colour combination of these two chunky stones is amazing

Next we can see a long chunky stone necklace that has been created from

The next long necklace design has been created from a combination of the two semi-precious stones Jasper and Black Onyx. I have added the black Onyx to compliment the large chunk stones of a grey and black coloured Jasper stone. I have also added large bold Grey Agate beads to this unique long chunky stone necklace design, I think that this long chunky necklace design is going to be a long necklace design that is going to compliment many outfits

Now we have a most amazing chunky stone pendant that sits on a long stone necklace. This chunky pendant has been created from a large slab of peacock Agate and this chunky stone is amazing. This chunky stone pendant sits a long stone necklace created from natural semi-precious stones. This unique long chunky stone necklace design certainly makes a statement

Next we have another long pendant design and this chunky stone pendant has also been made from agate but this time the chunky stone pendant is a golden amber colour and in the pendant you can see the beautiful natural crystals. This pendant sits in the centre of a long chunky necklace created from the semi-precious chunky stones Carnelian and Opal Quartz. I have added the chunky stone beads Opal Quartz to compliment the natural crystals in the chunky pendant. With this unique long chunky stone necklace I have used Long Chunky Carnelian stones so the natural amber colour of these chunky stones compliment the natural colours of the chunky stone pendant.

Finally we have a bright and bold long chunky stone necklace that has been created with large round discs of bright coloured Jade stones, these brightly coloured chunky stone have been spaced with black beads so that the black against the bright chunky stones looks amazing. Here you have seen just five examples of my unique long chunky stone necklace designs and these are many more and many more to come as I am continually adding long unique chunky stone necklaces to my collection.

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