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Gemstone jewellery, unique statement jewellery UK crafted

I have tried to create a collection of gemstone jewellery designs that are unique and make a statement. Unique statement jewellery designs that include statement necklaces, unique gemstone statement earrings and many unique gemstone jewellery bracelets. In these unique  gemstone jewellery designs I have used a large selection of semi-precious gemstones like Carnelian, Red Aventurine, Snowflake Obsidian, White Howlite, Jade, Jasper and many more. Each of these gemstone handmade jewellery designs with statement are unique with only one being created

green agate gemstone jewellery unique statement jewelleryagate gemstone jewellery earrings statement jewelleryagate statement jewellery earrings gemstone jewelleryagate gemstone statement jewellery, agate gemstone jewellery

Green Agate gemstone jewellery earrings, unique statement jewellery UK

These green gemstone earrings certainly make a statement. This gemstone and sterling silver statement jewellery design have been made from two large oval shaped sterling silver hoop. The green Agate gemstone jewellery designs have round green Agate gemstones that hang in these sterling silver hoops creating a unique gemstone statement jewellery design. This lovely apple green coloured semi-precious gemstone looks beautiful against the sterling silver. \these green gemstone jewellery earrings are a unique statement jewellery design with only one pair being created

long gemstone jewellery necklace statement jewellery unique designsobsidian long gemstone jewellery necklace unique statement designgemstone bead detail for gemstone jewellery statement necklace

Long gemstone jewellery necklace, unique long statement jewellery necklace

This long gemstone jewellery necklace is a unique statement jewellery design and has been created from the gemstones Rainbow Obsidian, Black Onyx, Snowflake Obsidian and the grey gemstone Laporadite. This is one of my longer length gemstone statement jewellery design and to create a unique statement design I have used gemstones in a variety of sizes and shapes. Among these black gemstones I have placed some grey coloured faceted crystal roundels and these crystals add a soft sparkle to this unique statement jewellery design. This gemstone jewellery design is a unique piece of statement jewellery comes beautifully presented in a gift box

 blue gemstone jewellery bracelet unique statement designblue agate statement jewellery bracelet ukblue statement jewellery, gemstone jewellery braceletstatement jewellery bracelet unique gemstone jewellery bracelet blue agate

Blue Agate gemstone jewellery bracelet, unique blue statement jewellery

This blue Agate gemstone jewellery bracelet is a unique statement jewellery design with only one being made. I have handmade this blue agate gemstone bracelet from a collection of blue coloured gemstones, a blue banded agate gemstone and a deep sparkly blue Blue Goldstone gemstone. In this unique blue statement jewellery design I have added large multi faceted roundels in a complimenting blue colour and each of the blue gemstones and these large blue crystals have been spaced with smaller crystals. All my unique statement jewellery designs come to you in a gift box so that you can keep your unique gemstone jewellery safe of so that your statement jewellery choices are ready for you to give as that special gift. All my gemstone jewellery unique statement jewellery designs are only on sale at Making A Statement Jewellery UK

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