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Unique Semi-Precious Gemstone Necklace Jewellery UK

I am now going to show you just a small example of my gemstone necklace designs that you can see here at Making A Statement Jewellery UK. Each of these unique semi-precious jewellery designs shows you how my jewellery is unique and none of it highstreet so I offer you semi-precious gemstone jewellery necklaces that can not be found on the high street.

The first of these gemstone necklace designs is a big and bold gemstone pendant necklace that has been created from a stunning long teardrop shaped Agate semi-precious gemstone pendant. The colours in the semi-precious gemstone pendant are stunning with a base of rich blues and on the top of this swirls mauves and purples. The natural markings in this semi-precious gemstone pendant are beautiful. To compliment the natural markings I have set this semi-precious gemstone pendant in the centre of a unique gemstone necklace that I have handmade from the semi-precious stones Turquoise, Jade and Agate. In this unique semi-precious jewellery design I have chosen semi-precious gemstones to compliment the natural markings of the pendant. This handcrafted semi-precious gemstone necklace is a unique semi-precious stone jewellery design available only for Making A Statement Jewellery UK

The next gemstone necklace design that I have to show you is a mix of semi-precious gemstones and sterling silver. In this unique semi-precious gemstone jewellery necklace I have used the gemstones deep purple Amethyst and a lilac Amethyst. In this piece of semi-precious jewellery you can see that I have used a combination of smooth polished beads and nuggets. There is a collection of lilac Amethyst nuggets that have been framed with smooth polished deep purple coloured semi-precious Amethyst beads and each of these lilac and purple semi-precious gemstones have been spaced with lilac colored Czech glass beads. Each of these sets of lilac and purple gemstones have been set between S shaped sterling silver tube beads.

Again we have a real semi-precious stone statement necklace design, this unique gemstone necklace has been created from large and bold semi-precious gemstone beads, in this handcrafted semi-precious jewellery design you will see Jasper, Agate, Jade and Rhodonite. The focal point for this gemstone necklace is a stunning spider Agate semi-precious gemstone pendant. This semi-precious gemstone Agate is called Spider Agate because of the natural spidery markings you can see, in some of the Spider Agate gemstone pendants and beads.This gemstone pendant has a milky white background and on this you can see beautiful greens and pinks and the semi-precious jewellery necklace compliments these beautiful natural colours. The unique gemstone necklace that supports this Spider Agate gemstone pendant starts with two large chunky blocks of the semi-precious gemstone Jasper and these are a fresh green in colour. Then you can see pink Rhodonite, green Jasper and green Spider Agate round semi-precious gemstone beads. Among these round semi-precious gemstone beads I have placed a diamond cubed shaped lemon/jade stone. This semi-precious jewellery necklace is a unique gemstone necklace design that you are able to purchase from Making A Statement Jewellery UK

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Gemstone Jewellery Necklaces, Semi-Precious Necklace Jewellery UK


The semi-precious gemstone Tigers Eye is the natural stone I have used to create this unique semi-precious jewellery necklace design. A stunning natural gemstone that I love to create my handmade gemstone necklace designs with. It is a warm brown in colour and as this gemstone moves it almost comes to life with golden ambers and this is where this semi-precious stone got its name from as it is said to glow like a Tigers Eye. In the centre of the semi-precious necklace I have placed a large rectangular bead of this golden brown tigers eye gemstone. This large rectangular bead sits in the centre of a semi-precious jewellery necklace that has been handcrafted from round smooth polished Tigers Eye beads and among these I have placed square shaped shaped semi-precious Brown Goldstone beads and square handmade Czech glass beads. The beautiful Teal colour of the Czech glass beads work beautifully with the golden brown of the semi-precious Tigers Eye and the sparkly brown of the Brown goldstone. To complement the teal colour of the Czech glass beads in this unique tigers eye gemstone necklace design I spaced the semi-precious gemstones with tiny teal colored AAA grade crystal beads that add a little bit of sparkle to this unique semi-precious jewellery design.

The next gemstone necklace is a fun semi-precious jewellery design where I have used a large moon shaped bead of the semi-precious gemstone Jade. This moon shaped jade semi-precious gemstone bead has star shaped holes. I am constantly on the lookout for new unique and unusual semi-precious gemstone beads and pendant so when I found this unusual and unique semi-precious Jade gemstone bead I knew that I had to purchase it. I have set this moon shaped Jade bead in the centre of a jade semi-precious gemstone necklace design that has been created from roundels of this delicate green coloured semi-precious gemstone Jade and each of these Jade roundels has been alternated with faceted green crystal roundels and these crystals add a little bit of a sparkle to the unique semi-precious jewellery design

The final gemstone necklace design that I have to show you had bright citrus coloured semi-precious stones mixed with black coloured gemstones. This semi-precious jewellery design has been handmade from bright orange semi-precious Coral, bright yellow semi-precious Jade, the black semi-precious gemstones Black Onyx and Rainbow Obsidian.

The focal points for this semi-precious gemstone jewellery necklace are 3 faceted drum shaped Rainbow Obsidian gemstone beads. The facets on these Rainbow Obsidian semi-precious beads mean that when these gemstones move they catch the light beautifully. Each of these black Rainbow Obsidian beads have been framed with large roundels of a very bright orange coloured Coral and then a smooth round polished yellow Jade beads, these citrus coloured semi-precious gemstone look amazing together and next to the black of the black semi-precious gemstones they are stunning. This set of beads have been set into a handcrafted gemstone necklace of teardrop shaped and round semi-precious beads. This semi-precious jewellery necklace will come to you beautifully presented in a gift box


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