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A collection of handcrafted semi-precious statement jewellery all UK made

I love statement jewellery so with my unique semi-precious jewellery designs it was obvious that I would want to create my own handcrafted semi-precious statement jewellery designs. Here is a small set of my unique semi-precious stone jewellery designs, statement earrings, statement necklaces, statement bracelets, handcrafted semi-precious jewellery designs all UK designed and available from Making A Statement Jewellery UK

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Handcrafted Semi-Precious Jewellery With Statement

The first piece of unique handcrafted semi-precious statement jewellery I have to show you is a beautiful handcrafted semi-precious statement bracelet. This statement bracelet has been handmade from the semi-precious stones Druzy Quartz, banded Agate and the sparkly semi-precious stone Blue Goldstone, Each of these semi-precious stones have been spaced with small crystal beads. This semi-precious statement bracelet jewellery design has an extending bracelet clasp so that it will fit most wrist lengths. Handcrafted semi-precious statement jewellery available online Making A Statement Jewellery UK

Long blue semi-precious stone jewellery earrings are the second statement jewellery design that I have to show you, These long statement earrings have been handcrafted from a collection of semi-precious stones. Semi-precious blue Agate, the magical semi-precious Opal Quartz and the deep sparkly blue semi-precious Blue Goldstone. In this handcrafted semi-precious statement jewellery design I have used sterling silver earring hooks. I love this combination of blue semi-precious gemstones and the long semi-precious statement earrings are a unique handcrafted design. One of many unique handcrafted semi-precious statement jewellery designs you can purchase from Making A Statement Jewellery UK

Big and bold is this handcrafted semi-precious necklace design, the deep blue coloured semi-precious gemstone Lapis Lazuli has been set between deep orange coloured semi-precious Red Aventurine. In this handcrafted semi-precious statement jewellery design you will also see the blue semi-precious Blue Goldstone and between these big and bold semi-precious stones I have placed discs of a deep blue coloured Czech glass. I love the bright and bold natural colours in this semi-precious statement necklace design and this unique handcrafted jewellery design can be purchased from Making A Statement Jewellery UK

long handcrafted semi-precious stone jewellery uk madegrey semi-precious statement earring jewellery handcrafted ukhematite coral handmade semi-precious statement necklace jewellery uk

Statement Jewellery UK Handcrafted From Semi-precious Stones

I have a long black statement necklace jewellery design to show you that has been handcrafted from the semi-precious stones Rainbow Obsidian, Black Onyx, Laporadite, and the lovely semi-precious stone Snowflake Obsidian. Black is the base colour for this piece of handcrafted semi-precious statement jewellery design with the added grey/black semi-precious Obsidian and to highlight these I have added square faceted Labradorite beads. This statement necklace is a unique design and as with all my handcrafted semi-precious statement jewellery designs there are only available from Making A Statement Jewellery UK

Now I am showing you the semi-precious jewellery earrings that have been handcrafted to compliment the long black statement necklace all though these beautiful grey semi-precious statement earrings are going to look amazing worn on their own. When I handcrafted a statement necklace design I always make sure that I have complimenting semi-precious jewellery earrings that match. 90% of my handcrafted semi-precious statement jewellery designs are unique one of a kind semi-precious statement jewellery pieces and each of these unique designs are available online at Making A Statement Jewellery UK

Another long semi-precious statement necklace that has been handcrafted from the beautiful dark grey semi-precious stone Hematite. In this unique handcrafted statement necklace I have used twisted semi-precious Hematite beads so that thy will catch the light. Each of these semi-precious Hematite beads have been framed with silver bead caps that give this semi-precious statement necklace jewellery design a vintage feel. Among the semi-precious Hematite beads I have set beautiful red and silver clay beads. These beads add some drama to this handcrafted semi-precious statement jewellery necklace design and this semi-precious statement necklace is available at Making A Statement Jewellery UK


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