Here I will show you some of my unique semi-precious gemstone jewellery designs. Semi-precious gemstone earrings, semi-precious gemstone necklaces, semi-precious gemstone bracelets. 
turquoise long semi-precious gemstone jewellery necklace handmade ukagate handmade semi-precious gemstone jewellery earringsblack orang semi-precious gemstone bracelet handcrafted uk

Jewellery Handmade From Semi-Precious Gemstones

I use many semi-precious gemstone beads and pendants to hand make my semi-precious gemstone jewellery designs and here I will show you just a few of the many unique handmade jewellery designs that I have available for you to purchase.

Above you can see three designs and these can show you the variety of designs that I create from these semi-precious gemstones.

On the left you will see a long semi-precious gemstone necklace and I have used a collection of semi-precious gemstones to create this unique design. Large discs of a bright blue coloured semi-precious Turquoise gemstone have been placed between long bright green coloured semi-precious Agate beads. To add yet extra colour to this handmade semi-precious gemstone jewellery designs I have spaced these bright blue Turquoise beads and bright green semi-precious Agate gemstone I have placed hot pink coloured Agate beads. All of these semi-precious gemstone beads have been set in a long semi-precious gemstone necklace of dark grey coloured hematite beads. The dark grey of the hematite enhances the bright colours in this handmade semi-precious gemstone jewellery design.

The middle photo that you see above is a pair of long Dragon Veined Agate semi-precious gemstone jewellery earrings and these have been handmade from long elegant semi-precious Agate gemstone beads. I love Dragon Veined Agate and if you take a look at this photo you will see why this semi-precious gemstone is called Dragon Veined Agate. These long beads are stunning and to this handmade semi-precious gemstone jewellery design I have added discs of handmade Czech glass and with these semi-precious gemstone earrings I have used sterling silver earring hooks.

Then on the right hand side is a funky looking handmade semi-precious gemstone bracelet and I have created this from a cracked black semi-precious Agate, highly polished Black Onyx and sticks of a bright orange coloured Crystal Quartz. I love using bright colours and unusual shaped beads and pendants in my handmade semi-precious gemstone jewellery designs and this example shows you just that. These are just three of my handcrafted semi-precious stone jewellery designs and each of these designs are a unique piece of handmade jewellery with only one being made


sterling silver semi-precious gemstone jewellery necklacehandmade semi-precious gemstone agate jewellery necklacesemi-precious gemstone necklace jewellery handcrafted ukbright bold semi-precious gemstone necklace jewellery handcrafted design



This is the last piece of handmade semi-precious gemstone jewellery I have to show you now and with this piece I have set large agate semi-precious gemstone beads in a necklace of sterling silver. With this unique handmade jewellery design I have chosen large square slabs of brightly coloured semi-precious Dragon Veined Agate and between each of these I have set a sterling silver S shaped sterling silver tube beads and this makes these semi-precious gemstone beads are floating in the air. When creating my semi-precious gemstone and sterling silver jewellery designs I do not use sterling silver chains because of the fact that I use heavy semi-precious gemstone beads and pendants and I do not want these to snap so I used sterling silver tube beads which I string with tiger tail so there is a smaller chance of the piece of handmade semi-precious gemstone jewellery from breaking 

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