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As we get nearer the festive season a pair of long dangle earrings are a must and my collection of unique handmade jewellery has a large selection of long dangle earrings. Long drop handmade earring jewellery created from a whole array of semi-precious stone beads and sterling silver.

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I’ll show a few examples of the long dangle earrings I have in a very large and forever growing collection of handmade jewellery earrings.

Long Dangle Semi-Precious Earrings, Jewellery Handmade UK

long dangle semi-precious earrings - jewellery handmade uk

These long dangle earrings have been handmade from a combination of 3 different semi-precious stones. 

At the base of these long earrings I have set an oval shaped semi-precious turquoise bead and this semi-precious stone turquoise bead is a lovely shade of blue/green and to compliment the natural colour of the turquoise in this handmade jewellery earring design I have set a spike of a bright orange coloured crystal quartz and this I have framed with two semi-precious black onyx beads. 

Each of the semi-precious stone beads with these long handmade dangle earrings have been spaced with sterling silver spacer beads.

This long dangle handmade earring jewellery design is unique and I have only made one of this design and as with all my long drop earrings I have used sterling silver earring hooks. 

Handcrafted Jewellery Designs - Amethyst Long Dangle Earrings  

Handcrafted Jewellery Designs - Amethyst Long Dangle Earrings

I love to use the semi-precious stone amethyst as it comes in many different shades from soft lilac to a deep purple like these long dangle earrings that I am showing you here.

At the base of these long drop earrings sits a diamond shaped deep purple coloured amethyst semi-precious stone bead and this deep purple coloured amethyst bead drops under a stack of 3 shaped square shaped amethyst beads and all of these I have spaced with sterling silver spacer beads. 

I love to work with semi-precious stones in my handmade long dangle earring designs and I love to work with semi-precious stone beads of different shapes and sizes and they add an interest to my handmade jewellery earrings designs. Within my long drop handmade jewellery earrings you will see many different semi-precious stone s in many different sizes and shapes


Long Drop Earrings - Unique Handmade Jewellery Earrings

Long Drop Earrings - Unique Handmade Jewellery Earrings

The long drop earrings that you can see in the photo above have been handcrafted from the semi-precious stones hematite and white howlite.

These two semi-precious stones work beautifully together, the white howlite has beautiful natural markings and you will see the semi-precious stone used in many of my unique handmade jewellery earring designs and with many of these handcrafted jewellery designs this white howlite semi-precious stone has been teamed up with the dark grey semi-precious stone hematite.

With these long dangle earrings I have combined round white howlite beads with teardrop shaped semi-precious hematite beads and these semi-precious beads have been spaced with sterling silver spacer beads. 

These long drop handmade earrings are a limited edition design with only 5 pairs being made of the long handmade drop earring design and this long earring design has sterling silver earring hooks. 

Long Teardrop Dangle Earrings - Jewellery Handcrafted UK

Long Teardrop Dangle Earrings - Jewellery Handcrafted UKlong drop earrings, black onyx handmade jewelleryunique handcrafted jewellery uk, unique long blue dangle earrings

With my long dangle earring designs I often use long teardrop shaped semi-precious stone beads. Above you are able to see just a small collection of those long drop handmade jewellery earrings.

You will see a pair of long drop dangle earrings that have beautiful amber coloured weathered agate teardrop beads and these drop under drum shaped amber coloured jade semi-precious stone beads. These two semi-precious stone beads are hinged at the point so that there is a lot of movement with this long drop earring design. These two semi-precious stones dangle under sterling silver earring hooks. 

You are also going to see a pair of long and elegant drop earrings handmade from the semi-precious stone black onyx and I have used brushed silver beads with the sterling silver in this long dangle earrings design. Many of my unique handmade jewellery designs I add these brushed silver beads especially along with the semi-precious black onyx. 

At the base of the long dangle handmade earrings sits a long elegant teardrop shaped black onyx bead and I have placed a disc of brushed silver above this. 

At the top of the long black onyx dangle earrings sits a disc of black onyx and the handcrafted jewellery earrings have sterling silver earrings hooks. 

The last long drop earrings of this group of three with long teardrop shaped beads have a long elegant faceted blue agate semi-precious stone and this long semi-precious stone bead has been faceted so when these long dangle earrings move they will catch the light beautifully. 

This long teardrop blue agate bead sits under a stack of 3 white agate round beads and these white agate semi-precious stones have been spaced with sterling silver spacer beads and as with all my handmade jewellery earrings I have used sterling silver earrings hooks.


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