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Unique Gemstone Statement Earrings UK Designed

Earrings are a popular choice of unique jewellery and my collection of unique gemstone statement earrings have something to offer for every one with its eclectic mix of gemstones, pearls and crystals. About 90% of my gemstone earrings are a unique design with only one pair being created and all my other gemstone jewellery earring designs are a limited edition. All my statement earrings have been created from beautiful natural gemstones and can only be found at Making A Statement Jewellery UK

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Carnelian Long Gemstone Statement Earrings Unique In Design

I love the gemstone Carnelian with its beautiful natural golden amber colour. These long unique gemstone statement earrings have been created from long elegant Carnelian gemstone beads. This unique earring design is simple but with plenty of statement. Because these golden Carnelian gemstone beads make a statement all on their own I have done nothing but sit them on 24kt Gold Vermeil earrings hooks. The gold is stunning with the gemstone Carnelian and I think that these unique gemstone Carnelian statement earrings are going to be a statement design that will not date and like all my unique statement earrings these Carnelian statement gemstone earrings can only be found at my online store Making A Statement Jewellery UK

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Opal Quartz Gemstone Unique Statement Earrings UK Made

I love this Opal Quartz it is truly magical, I love how the colour changes as the light catches it. With these unique gemstone statement earrings I have used a collection of faceted Opal Quartz gemstone beads. At the base of these statement earrings sits a round multi faceted Opal Quartz gemstone and because of the faceted beads with this statement earring design this bead reflects the light beautifully. This Opal Quartz gemstone sits under a stack of faceted roundels and as is with the magic of this gemstone they change with every movement. With these unique gemstone statement earrings I have used sterling silver earring hooks. The silver against the magical stone is perfect. I used the gemstone Opal Quartz in many of my unique statement jewellery designs as they highlight the natural quartz that can be seen in many of my druzy quartz statement jewellery necklace designs. All these unique gemstone earrings have statement and can only be found at Making A Statement Jewellery UKagate smoky quartz unique semi-precious gemstone statement earrings ukunique smoky quartz gemstone earrings statement jewellery UKunique original gemstone earrings statement jewellery UK

Smoky Quartz, Agate Statement Gemstone Unique Earrings

The last example of my many unique gemstone statement earrings is a pair of gemstone earrings that have been crafted from a frosted Agate and the stunning gemstone Smoky Quartz. At the base of these statement earrings you will see a nugget of the gemstone Smoky Quartz this beautiful gemstone nugget has been faceted and like a lot of my unique earring designs this gemstone will reflect the light beautifully. This Smoky Quartz gemstone nugget has been highly polished and it sits under a round frosted Agate bead and these two gemstones certainly make a statement. I have spaced these two gemstones with sterling silver beads and I have chosen sterling silver earring hooks and with these unique statement earring jewellery design I have used a round shaped hook as I thought that it would compliment the chunky gemstones. These and many more unique gemstone statement earring designs are available only here from my online gemstone jewellery store Making A Statement Jewellery UK

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