Unique Semi-Precious Jewellery UK



Unique Semi-Precious Jewellery UK

Here is just a small collection of my unique semi-precious jewellery all UK designed and crafted. In this unique collection of semi-precious jewellery there is a whole array of unique jewellery designs that have been crafted from beautiful natural semi-precious stones like Jasper, Agate, Tigers Eye, Aventurine, Rose Quartz and many more. To accompany these semi-precious stones in the unique jewellery designs I have added AAA grade crystal beads and beautiful freshwater pearls.

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Examples of unique semi-precious jewellery all UK designed and crafted

Here you will see just a small collection of my unique semi-precious stone jewellery. The firs example is a semi-precious Agate pendant necklace with a beautiful long semi-precious Agate pendant as the focal point for this unique jewellery design. This semi-precious Agate pendant is unique with its natural soft greens and pinks. To compliment these natural semi-precious colours I have created a unique necklace of the semi-precious stones Green Aventurine, Opal Quartz and Jade. This unique semi-precious jewellery design is only available from Making A Statement Jewellery UK.

Now we have a pair of unique semi-precious earrings that I have handmade from the pretty pink semi-precious stone Rose Quartz and to this unique semi-precious jewellery design I have placed a beautiful soft cream coloured freshwater pearl. The soft luster of this pearl works perfectly with the soft pink of the semi-precious Rose Quartz and like most of my semi-precious jewellery designs these earrings are a unique jewellery design.

The semi-precious stone Carnelian is the natural gemstone that I have used to create this romantic unique semi-precious jewellery design. The focal point for this unique semi-precious bracelet jewellery design is a large heart shaped semi-precious Carnelian bead and this heart shaped bead sits in the centre of a unique semi-precious bracelet also created from this beautiful rich amber coloured semi-precious stone. Next is a unique semi-precious earring design crafted from a deep purple coloured Agate. This unique semi-precious jewellery design is simple letting the beautiful deep purple semi-precious stones do all the work. In this unique jewellery design I stacked 3 of these semi-precious stones on on top of the other and each of these have been spaced with sterling silver beads and with these unique semi-precious purple jewellery earrings I have used round shaped sterling silver earring hooks.

Last but certainly not least in this small collection of unique semi-precious jewellery designs I have a long semi-precious necklace unique in design. This long semi-precious necklace has been created from the semi-precious stones, Red Coral, White Jade, Black Onyx and Black Agate. The Black Agate semi-precious stones have a unique texture so these semi-precious stones add some design interest to this unique semi-precious stone necklace design. Along with all my other semi-precious jewellery designs these pieces will all come to you beautifully presented in a gift box so they have a safe place to live or if you are giving a piece of unique semi-precious jewellery as a gift it will be beautifully presented

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