Unique Semi-Precious Necklace Designs, Handmade Semi-Precious Stone Jewellery UK

Unique Handmade Semi-precious Stone Jewellery Unique Designs

Handcrafted Semi-Precious Necklaces Unique Designs

Among my continually expanding collection of handmade semi-precious stone jewellery designs I have a large collection of handcrafted semi-precious necklaces. Unique handmade statement jewellery created from semi-precious stones, handmade jewellery unique in design. All my unique semi-precious stone necklace designs are available to purchase from my online store Making A Statement Jewellery UK

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I will show you some of the beautiful semi-precious necklace designs that are available for you to see at Making A Statement Jewellery UK. My unique handcrafted statement jewellery collection can only be found in my online store so you know when you purchase one of my unique semi-precious necklace designs you will never see anyone else wearing the same piece.

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Chunky Turquoise Semi-Precious Necklace 

chunky turquoise semi-precious necklace design

I love this particular semi-precious turquoise that this unique semi-precious necklace has been created from. With this particular piece of handmade jewellery I have used a semi-precious turquoise that is called vall verdi turquoise and it is a lovely teal green in colour and has some stunning natural marking within the semi-precious beads. I have used chunky turquoise bead in this unique handmade statement jewellery design and these beads are in different shapes and sizes and I have used discs of the semi-precious stone hematite to space the turquoise beads and the deep grey of the hematite compliment this semi-precious turquoise perfectly. I have created many handmade necklaces from this turquoise and each on has been a unique necklace design with only one being made

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Long Amethyst and Carnelian semi-precious necklace design

long semi-precious necklace handmade amethyst carnelian

I create my handmade semi-precious necklaces in many different lengths and styles and this particular handmade necklace that you can see above is one of my longer length necklaces that are a part of my unique handcrafted statement jewellery collection.

This semi-precious long necklace has been handmade by combining the beautiful rich amber coloured semi-precious stone carnelian and a very deep purple coloured amethyst.

The focal point for this long semi-precious necklace are three very large nuggets of a deep dark purple coloured semi-precious amethyst. These chunky nuggets of semi-precious amethyst have been highly polished.

These chunky nuggets of purple amethyst sit in a necklace that I have handmade from round shaped semi-precious carnelian beads. 

If you take a look in detail at the photograph or this long semi-precious necklace design you can see where I have spaced some of the semi-precious carnelian beds with small purple AAA crystal beads. These purple crystal beads add a little bit of a sparkle to this unique semi-precious handmade statement jewellery design.

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Grey Semi-Precious Necklace, Grey Handmade Statement Jewellery Necklace Design

grey semi-precious necklace, grey semi-precious handmade statement jewellery necklace

Among my semi-precious beads and semi-precious pendants I also use other materials in my handmade statement jewellery designs. This unique semi-precious necklace that you can see above is one of those examples and you can see that I have used some beautiful blocks of a blacklip shell along with the semi-precious stone hematite and the semi-precious coral.

The focal point for the unique necklace is a large and chunky pendant that I have created from two large 40mm square blacks of blacklip shell and these sit in the centre of a unique handmade statement jewellery necklace that have more blocks of this beautiful blacklip shell and bands of this highly polished shell. 

This semi-precious necklace finishes with small round grey hematite semi-precious beads and among these grey semi-precious beads I have placed red/orange coloured coral beads. 

This semi-precious handmade necklace is a unique handmade statement jewellery design with only one being made so if you chose to purchase this piece you know that you will not see anyone else wearing the same design.

Unique semi-precious necklace designs uk, handcrafted statement jewellery unique designs, chunky grey semi-precious stone necklace


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