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Romantic Heart Bracelet UK, Gemstone Love Heart Stretch Bead Bracelet

A handcrafted semi-precious stone jewellery design, this romantic love heart stretch bracelet has been created from a combination of the two semi-precious gemstones Black Onyx and Aragonite.

The focal point for this romantic heart bracelet is a large heart shaped Aragonite bead and this semi-precious gemstone Aragonite heart bead sits in the centre of a semi-precious bead stretch bracelet that has been created from alternating Black Onyx and Aragonite beads. 

The beautiful soft butter colour of the Aragonite looks stunning sat next to the shiny black of the semi-precious Black Onyx.

This romantic heart bead bracelet is a stretch bracelet design and I have threaded these semi-precious beads onto a very strong jewellery elastic. 

Because this is a beaded stretch bracelet it is going to fit most wrist sizes.

This romantic love heart bracelet is a limited edition semi-precious jewellery design with only two being created.

This semi-precious romantic love heart bracelet comes beautifully presented in a gift box.


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