Semi-precious Stones I use in my unique handmade jewellery with a statement

Some of the semi-precious stones that I use to create my unique semi-precious jewellery designs


Amethyst comes in the shade of pale lilac to deep purple and I love to use it in my unique handmade jewellery designs. I use it on its own or I combine it with other semi-precious stones like Black Onyx, Blue Goldstone, Green Aventurine and Smoky Quartz.

You will find this semi-precious stone in my necklaces, earrings and bracelets designs, statement jewellery handmade in the UK

Amethyst is a very powerful and protective semi-precious stone.

It will protect you from a psychic attack and will protect the wearer from many types of illnesses.

Amethyst works as a natural tranquilizer and relieves stress  and strains and will dispel negative feelings of fear and anxiety..

Amethyst activates spiritual awareness, opens your intuition and enhances and physic abilities.

This semi-precious stone will focus the mind and help with your memory and will increase your motivation

Amethyst  encourages your spiritual wisdom

Here are a few of my semi-precious handmade jewellery designs where I have used this beautiful stone. these are just a few of the semi-precious jewellery designs that include Amethyst.

Semi-precious Aventurine.

I use Aventurine in many of my handmade jewellery designs and I use Green, Red, Brown and peach Aventurine in my designs.

Altho it is called Red Aventurine the colour of this natural stone is burnt orange and is one of the brighter coloured semi-precious stones.

Semi-precious Aventurine is thought to have many properties that can help you medically, it will help with some skin conditions such as eczema and also helps with hair loss, it improves the blood circulation and aids with conditions of the heart.

If you wear Red Aventurine on your middle finger it will help to remove any depression

Semi-precious Aventurine will help raise sexual desire and can be used to help energise people in their later years.

In years gone by it was used as a good luck stone for gamblers as semi-precious Aventurine will bring you luck in a game, in business and this is a natural stone that has been carried by sailors and travelers.

By keeping this lovely semi-precious stone by your side it will attract some exciting and unique people and the wearers world will become a more interesting place.

If in the past you have been unlucky in love then semi-precious Aventurine is the stone to wear as it will attract potential partners into your life.

Here are some of the pieces of handmade statement jewellery that I have created from this lovely stone, handmade semi-precious jewellery that includes earrings, bracelets and necklaces crafted into unique jewellery designs and limited edition pieces.

As I said Aventurine comes in a variety of colours but semi-precious Green supportive of blonde women and brings them a lot of luck, peace in their homes peace and beauty

These meanings do not have to mean anything to you to enjoy my pieces of semi-precious handmade jewellery crafted from Aventurine.


Black Onyx is one of the semi-precious stones that is used constantly among my semi-precious jewellery designs. Black never dates and is a classic in handmade jewellery designs and when combined with other semi-precious stones it can enhance the natural colours.

When we think about Onyx we think about Black Onyx and this is used widely in the making of handmade jewellery as black jewellery always makes a statement.

Semi-precious Black Onyx is prized for its luster and simple elegance.

The word “Onyx” comes from the Greek word meaning “claw” or “nail”.

Black Onyx is a hard semi-precious stone so it is ideal in the making of jewellery and has been used for centuries to create handmade jewellery designs.

You can see some examples of these jewellery designs as far back as the antient Egyptians.

Onyx is a balancing and grounding semi-precious stone and it is believed to help stimulate the root chakra.

Black Onyx will aid in the reduction of your emotions weather these emotions are negative or positive and balances conflicting energies and drives. It is said that it will bring you good luck and good fortune and is associated with good fortune and good judgment and also with fidelity.

If you are having problems with sticking to tasks and making decisions or maybe you are having problems with relationships Black Onyx can help you to keep grounded.

Those who have a problem with commitment can benefit from keeping a piece of semi-precious Black Onyx around them

These are some of the handmade semi-precious jewellery designs where I have used Black Onyx in the designs. Black Onyx works beautifully in my handmade statement jewellery designs and from these pieces shown here you can see how it works beautifully with other semi-precious stones.

Semi-Precious Carnelian

This is a stunning natural stone and I love to work with it in my handmade semi-precious jewellery designs, the rich orange brown colour of this stone looks beautiful on its own but also looks amazing when teamed up with other stones and creates unusual handmade jewellery

The semi-precious stone Carnelian focuses on giving out energy and it will help to boost your creativity and will protect you from negative emotions.

This natural stone is sometimes known as the artistic stone because of its ability to increase your creativity, and this beautiful golden brown/orange stone will also increase your confidence, motivation and your individual need to succeed.

If you are at a point in your life when you are trying to make great changes semi-precious Carnelian is a good stone to have around as it will give you the extra energy to carry out the extra tasks and it will protect you from any negative emotions you may have when facing your new challenges.

Some of the handmade statement jewellery designs I have made from this stunning natural stone. Semi-precious jewellery unique and unusual in design.

Semi-Precious Jasper

I love working with Jasper in my handmade jewellery designs and this natural stone is available in so many different forms and colours and I love that each of these stones are all unique

Jasper is the stone if you are in need of protection and it has many benefits but I would say that it is best known for its ability to give you courage and confidence and for centuries this semi-precious stone has been used as a worry stone.

The Red Jasper stone because of its qualities to encourage confidence and courage was know as the warrior stone and

Jasper has been linked with the zodiac sign Taurus and by tradition is the birthstone of March

The healing qualities of the semi-precious stone are associated with the blood and the related organs like the liver and heart



I love using semi-precious Rock Crystal in my jewellery designs on its own and set with other semi-precious stones, pearls and crystals.

Rock Crystal is the most powerful of all the healing stones and is used for many healing problems.

It is used widely in healing emotional problems from the past especially wounds that originate from childhood .

By keeping this stone next to you it will help improve your own self respect.

In general this natural semi-precious stone will improve your energy and will also improve the energy of any other crystal it has been used with.

When found Rock crystal is a clear to milky in colour.

Rock crystal is one of the most abundant of the natural stones and can be sourced from many countries around the world and some of the names that it is know by are Rocky Quartz, Quartz Crystal, and simply Quartz.

This semi-precious stone has many different natural shapes and can be short or long in length and is found in cluster combinations and different inclusions can be found in the natural stone due to its bulky structure.

There is no other semi-precious stone other than Rock Quartz that has been associated more widely with the spiritual world than Quartz and this is due to the fact that it is very easy to manipulate the energies that are used for channeling.


Turquoise is a beautiful semi-precious stone and this natural stone can be found in colours from pale baby blue to dark green.

This is one of the much loved semi-precious stones for many reasons and I use it constantly in my handmade semi-precious jewellery designs. Turquoise is the perfect semi-precious stone to create my handmade statement jewellery designs with.

Because of the beautiful unique colour of Turquoise it has been one of the most favourite of natural stones that have been used for thousands of years. It has never lost its appeal and today it can be found in many fashion jewellery designs and is seen in unique jewellery designs throughout the world. this is a semi-precious stone that is never going to date.

Semi-precious Turquoise is a blue/green coloured mineral and when you see blue Turquoise this is because of the presence of copper and when you see green Turquoise this is because of the presence of iron.

Turquoise is mined from all around the world, the majority of this semi-precious stone is mined in Iran and the surrounding areas and this region has been the source of this natural stone for thousands of years. The Sinia used to be the largest source of this stone and this stone was much loved by the Pharaohs.

Today parts of the United States still have rich deposits especially Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico.

From the Aztecs to the ancient Egyptians semi-precious Turquoise was used in large quantities both in their handmade jewellery designs and their artwork. If you have seen the gold burial mask of Tutankhamun you will see the semi-precious Turquoise inlay.

In Persia now Iran Turquoise has been the national gemstone for thousands of years and it has been used to decorate its mosques and buildings and this beautiful natural stone has been found in decorations in the Taj Mahal.

Turquoise is said to be the first ever gemstone to be imitated

Here are a few of my handmade statement jewellery designs where I have used this beautiful semi-precious Turquoise. In these few examples of the semi-precious jewellery designs you can see why this natural stone has been much loved for centuries.

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